Judge grants burglary suspects pre-trial release

CLINTON — Two individuals charged with felony burglary were granted pre-trial release with supervision Tuesday.

Allen F. Johnson, 30, of 718 Fifth Ave. South, and Kelly A Blessard, 29, of 404 N. Third St., were ordered by District Court Judge Nancy Tabor to be released to the supervision of the Seventh Judicial District Department of Correctional Services and to abide by a no-contact order entered with the alleged victim. A pretrial conference is scheduled for 10 a.m. Feb. 14.

Johnson and Blessard are each charged with one count of second-degree burglary, a Class C felony, according to trial information.

An affidavit filed with the court says an officer was dispatched in reference to an assault at 11:35 p.m. Jan. 27, 2018. A man said he was assaulted in his home by Johnson.

According to the man, Johnson’s mother was outside the residence yelling when this occurred. The man said he was in his residence in bed when he heard a pounding at the front door. He opened the front door and found Johnson at the door yelling, the affidavit says.

The man told Johnson to leave and attempted to shut the door, the affidavit says. Johnson opened the door with physical force and entered the residence without invitation. The man said Johnson was yelling at him about kicking in a person's door, but he knew nothing about the burglary at that person's home, he said.

The man said Johnson began pushing him back and punched him more than once in face, causing pain, according to the affidavit. The man said he was then pinned against a door in the residence, and Johnson placed his forearm against the man’s throat, making it difficult to breathe, the witness said.

The man believed the assault lasted five to 10 minutes inside the residence. He said Blessard came into the residence after Johnson and without permission, according to the affidavit. His mother was also in the residence during the burglary, the man said.

The man's mother said she heard knocking on the front door, court documents say. She walked to the dining room and saw Blessard walking in her direction, she said. She yelled at Johnson and Blessard to leave the residence. Blessard pushed her, using both hands, during the burglary, she said in the court record.

The man and his mother said two people from next door came to the residence after hearing the mother scream for help. The two removed Johnson and Blessard from the residence, court documents say.

Another person was in the residence and witnessed Johnson choking the man and Blessard pushing the mother, court records say.

The affidavit says that Johnson and Blessard left the scene in a vehicle driven by Johnson's mother when they were notified that police were being called.

The man showed the officer a picture from Facebook and indicated that the man in the picture was Johnson. The officer identified Johnson from previous contact with him.

The man confirmed the subject in the picture was the same subject that assaulted him and entered the residence without permission. The officer attempted to speak with Johnson, Blessard and Johnson’s mother, he said, but they all refused to speak with him.