Judge suspends sentence for 74-year-old

CLINTON — A 74-year-old Clinton man received a suspended sentence last week for 33 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.

Clarence V. Hansen, 74, of Clinton, appeared Thursday in Clinton County District Court for sentencing on 33 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, an aggravated misdemeanor, after he admitted possessing photos of nude children. District Court Judge Mark Lawson directed that the sentence of up to two years in prison be suspended.

Lawson ordered that the suspended sentences run concurrently and placed Hansen on probation for two years. Hansen must enroll in, pay for and complete a sex offender treatment program and meet any other conditions set by the probation officer.

A $625 fine on each count was suspended. Hansen was ordered to register as a sex offender pursuant to Iowa Code. Registration may be up to life.

A special sentence was imposed, committing Hansen to the Iowa Department of Corrections for a period of 10 years with eligibility for parole. The special sentence will begin upon completion of the sentence previously imposed.

Hansen will begin the sentence under supervision as if on parole or work release and will be placed on the corrections continuum.

Three counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, a Class C felony, were dismissed at sentencing with costs assessed to Hansen.

Hansen was charged after a Walgreens store in Clinton reported in June that a man had ordered photographs featuring several nude children, an affidavit filed with the court say.

A Walgreens employee told police that he saw explicit photos as they were being printed out for Hansen, court documents say. Store employees said Hansen used his cellphone to upload the images,

Police executed a search warrant at Hansen’s address at 318 Main Ave., Apt. 303, in Clinton June 21 and found additional images of nude children. Police found a digital camera that contained an SD card with multiple pictures of minor children engaged in prohibited sexual acts, according to court documents.

Police said they found a total of 33 pictorial representations of different minors engaged in prohibited sexual acts in Hansen’s possession.

During an interview June 25, Hansen admitted possessing each picture and told police that he knew it was wrong, court records say. He also admitted that he began being interested in viewing nude minors about four to five years ago and said he viewed nude children on the internet, including while searching the internet at a local library.

Hansen admitted to being in the presence of a nude toddler in a bathtub in Clinton and said he took several photographs of the child. These photographs were on the same SD card as multiple photos of other nude minors, and in the same date proximity of other date-stamped photographs of nude minors engaged in prohibited sexual acts, according to court documents. The photos had date stamps of Jan. 15, 2017.

In an interview with police July 18, Hansen admitted to disposing of an SD card with additional photos of nude children when he found out he could be in trouble, according to police.