CLINTON — U.S. Congressman Dave Loebsack, D-Iowa, urged Clinton County voters to vote for Democratic candidates in November's election, while also stressing the importance of union workers at Clinton County's annual Labor Day picnic Sunday.

Clinton County Democratic candidates and community members gathered at the Eagle Point Lodge for the annual picnic sponsored by the Clinton Labor Congress. Clinton Labor Congress President Dave Keefer said 250 to 400 people traditionally show up for the event. Keefer said they have the event the day before Labor Day to allow people to attend and spend Labor Day with their families.

"We do this to provide a service to the community, Keefer said. "This is for people on either side supporting working families."

Loebsack, who represents Iowa's 2nd Congressional District, stressed the importance of unions, stating there would not be a 40-hour work week if it weren't for union workers. He said unions have been "a backbone of the middle class" and are helping Americans in the middle class to have their standard of living.

"You know about hard work if you're a union member," Loebsack said. "If you're a union member you know the history of unions and we wouldn't have a 40-hour work week if it weren't for unions folks. We would not have that. We might not have child labor laws right now if it weren't for unions. And we wouldn't have folks not in unions getting the wages and benefits they're getting if it weren't for unions because unions set the table for the rest of the workers in the United States of America."

Loebsack referenced the upcoming November election, stating it is going to take a lot of work to get Democrats elected throughout the ticket. He also believes Democrats did not work hard enough during the 2016 General Election, adding he does not want any regrets after this year's election.

"We have Donald Trump as president because we didn't work hard enough last time," Loebsack said. "We woke up the day after the election and regretted the heck out of that. We can't do that again this time. I don't want any regrets on Nov. 7. I want everybody working as hard as they can so we can have a Democratic governor, we can have a Democratic Legislature and we can have a Democratic House of Representatives. And get ready, in 2018, for 2020, to get a Democratic president."