Landfill details erosion remedies, costs

CLINTON — The Clinton County Area Solid Waste Agency will use funds in the post-closure account to remedy erosion found at the Clinton County Sanitary Landfill east site closed area.

Barker Lemar Environmental Compliance Specialist Kevin Jensen submitted reports of the semi-annual inspection of the east and west sites of the Clinton County Sanitary Landfill. Jensen in the east site closed area, which is located at the Clinton County Landfill, noted erosion in the more northern ravine. The report states erosion was observed along the ravine leading to monitoring wells MW-03-16 and MW-90-15R and the ravine leading to MW-90-13.

He noted small area ponding in the north area, which he believes may be fueling some leachate infiltration.

"The area of ponding in the north portion of the site should be filled and graded to promote drainage," Jensen states in the report. "This area should then be seeded and maintained. This is expected to take place at the time of other repairs when conditions are suitable in spring/summer of 2019."

Jensen in the report also notes a potential seep was observed in the ravine leading to monitoring well MW-03-16 and MW-90-15R. Jensen in the report states the area should be plugged and reseeded. He states it is expected to take place at time of other repairs when conditions are suitable in spring or summer of 2019.

Jensen also noted minor erosion in the ravine on the southeast side of the cell coming out around the tree line. He said that will need some fill. He recommends armoring some of it with large rock. Jensen projected the repairs will cost anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000.

"That should all be part of the post-closure care fund money that could come out on that," Jensen said.

Clinton County Solid Waste Agency Director of Operations and Education Brad Seward said the agency has over $3 million in the post-closure account.

Seward said the agency will first approach Rittmer, Inc., and give them right of refusal since they are the contractor on site.

"If they choose not to do it then we'd probably go out for bid," Seward said. "I would imagine if they have the equipment here they're generally pretty happy to help with projects on site."

Jensen in the inspection of the Clinton County Sanitary Landfill west site in Welton found a potential non-flowing seep on the eastern portion of the site. Plugging of the seep and repair of any erosion is scheduled to occur in the spring/summer of 2019. A small area of potential ponding was present in the south central portion of the site. Jensen in the report states this is likely due to recent precipitation and the relatively flat nature of the landfill cap. Jensen said he identified similar issues to those the agency saw last year.

"It happens over time," Jensen said. "It's just something you got to eventually go out there and just throw a little dirt on top, fill it in. Unfortunately then you've got to establish the vegetation again. It can be a little work on that side. But, all in all, nothing major there. There's no deep erosion on anything. It's mostly just the settlement issues and if that just gets worse it could be fueling more potential seeps there at the base of that landfill."