2nd District needs recount

I am adding my voice to the need for the district-wide recount of Iowa’s Second Congressional District. This recount is essential not just for Rita Hart, not just for Mariannette Miller-Meeks, but for each and every person in Iowa. This recount is about our basic right to have our vote counted in every election in which we participate.

As a teacher, I stressed to my students the importance of voting as the building block of our democracy and how each person’s vote counts. We won’t always get the result we voted for, but what we do get is the ability to exercise our right to vote in order to engage in our individual responsibility in the U.S. democratic process.

The Iowa laws used to settle election disputes left no time to bring the fact to light that twenty-two votes out of over 400,000 votes cast in the November 2020 election were not counted or reviewed in the state’s rushed recount. Present Iowa laws were and are not sufficient to settle election disputes and this is why the House Administration Committee under the Constitution and the Federal Contested Elections Act, have the obligation to resolve errors in the elections of its members.

Rita Hart has made her goal clear this entire time--she wants to get this right, and she wants to make sure every vote is counted. If Mariannette Miller-Meeks wants to preserve her credibility should she maintain her seat in the U.S. Congress, she must join Rita Hart in this recount effort.

Chris Green, Long Grove

Hiding from the truth is a shameful act

To know and understand the truth of something is one of the most valuable things you could possess. To hide away from the truth is a shameful act that shouldn’t be tolerated but rather disgraced and corrected. Within finding the truth to any matter, you may need a different source to help discover what’s hidden beneath, or sometimes hiding in plain sight.

Take the time in conducting your own research from reliable outlets, and do so with an open mind. It will hinder your progress if you’re distracted by baseless opinions on the truth. Also remember to focus solely on the facts if you’re looking for it. Facts will help rid the delusions that come from any misinformation or falsehoods.

Here’s a fun fact from me to you. Let’s start off easy. The month of February is Black history month in America. See, not that hard. The truth is only complicated to the ones who won’t accept it. Even with unwarranted opinions, the truth will not be obscured, because what’s done in the dark will come to light.

So, let’s try this again with another fun fact. The Sac & Fox Tribe is the only federally recognized American Indian tribe in Iowa. Another fun fact, the Comanche Tribe is nicknamed the “Lords of the plains,” and not these ones. The Comanche tribe generally traveled and settled in the southern plains of this great nation.

What do these two tribes have in common besides both historically suffering greatly in this country? Well, mascots that is. American Indian imagery, and caricatures used in sports for entertainment purposes, are deemed to some, honorable, and prideful. Although, if 2020 taught us anything, caricatures are usually highly offensive.

Look at the examples of Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben. They were rebranded because they were based on racial stereotypes. Of course, not all will agree with a different opinion or change, simply because some don’t mind sitting in the back of the bus without wondering why they’re forced to. That was a Rosa Parks reference by the way, because it’s still Black history month, and we as Americans should know these things. They are indeed facts. Such leaders like Rosa, also known as the Mother of the Civil Rights Movement, had the audacity to ask for simple equality, and she was punished for it.

The leaders of another movement, the NCAI, also known as the National Congress of American Indians, and the largest, most representative of American Indian and Alaska Natives, have a simple request too. For over 50 years now actually, this request has been for all Indian logos, and American Indian mascots to be retired from sports teams.

The NCAI, along with 100 tribes, have pleaded their case of feeling mocked and disrespected. It is a commendable and rather historical event in which Camanche high school has a chance to be a part of. They have the opportunity of erasing racial stereotypes that no longer reflect our evolving America, and that’s a fact.

Sharnae Brown, Clinton

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