Climate scientists try to save the world

“How can humankind be so arrogant, so wrong, and so selfabsorbed to think that the people on this planet can change the weather, the climate…” and so on. So Iola Lee McCutcheon, in the Aug. 14 Clinton Herald, begins an attempt to save scientists and others from a miserable future implied by the Biblical Apocalypse. I think the attempt is sincere and hope people working against climate change will not resent or ridicule it.

Climate scientists are trying to return the favor, to save McCutcheon and everyone else from a miserable future in which food production has been curtailed by severe floods and droughts, in which some areas have become uninhabitable due to rising temperatures and rising seas, and in which migrants from those areas create a flow of people dwarfing today’s illegal immigrant problem.

This is implied by the temperature increase caused by increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. There is enough carbon to do the job in the fuel available to the world’s billions of people. Burning it in billions of fires is how people on this planet can make the above-mentioned changes.

But much of that fuel is not yet burned. Thus the answer of switching the economy to carbon-free energy is available.

So it is good intentions all around. McCutcheon and the scientists are independently working against a miserable future of some kind. Rather than fighting about the apocalyptic details, let us just continue our attempts and hope that at least one side wins.

Thomas Gibbons, Clinton

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Senior Staff Writer

A native of Centerville, Winona joined the Clinton Herald in November 2018 after writing for the Ottumwa Courier for two years.