We cannot afford to disenfranchise voters

Dear Clinton Herald Editor,

In one of the closest federal races in the last 100 years, we cannot afford to disenfranchise voters. The possibility of not counting legal votes is bad in any election, but in a contest decided by six votes, it could result in the losing candidate being elected. That is what has happened in the Second District.

Mariannette Miller-Meeks lost the election to Rita Hart by nine votes, and yet she was certified by the state of Iowa as the winner and seated in the House after a rushed and flawed recount. Today, she is looking for rejected ballots around the district, while at the same time publicly speaking out against Rita’s contest and petitioning the House to dismiss it.

This is extremely hypocritical and low on the part of Miller-Meeks. Why is she checking for ballots privately while telling the public she knows all votes have been counted? If she is not sure all legal votes have been counted, then why is she trying to end the nonpartisan House Administration Committee’s investigation into the matter? The answer is that she is being dishonest with the people of Iowa, and that is alarming.

We should expect the very best out of our public leaders, and Mariannette Miller-Meeks is falling short. It is clear that she does not deserve the honor of serving in office, and we should consequently work even more fervently to support Rita Hart in her effort to make sure all votes are counted.

Dave Keefer, Clinton

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