CLINTON — District Court Judge Mark Lawson has granted a suspended sentence to an Illinois man convicted of multiple counts of felony sexual abuse.

Trevon J. Lucas, 18, of Rock Island, Illinois, was sentenced last week on three counts of third-degree sexual abuse, a Class C felony. A Clinton County jury in October found Lucas guilty of the three charges.

Assistant Clinton County Attorney Ross Barlow filed a brief Dec. 30 of the state’s position regarding the possible merger of the three counts. Barlow in the brief requested the court conclude the three counts do not merge and that Lucas should be sentenced on each count. The brief stated all three counts are separate offenses and commission of one count does not necessarily mean any of the other counts were committed.

Defense attorney Meenakshi Brandt filed the defendant’s position regarding a possible merger Dec. 30. In the filing, Brandt requested the court conclude the three counts be merged for sentencing and Lucas be sentenced on one count. The filing states the three convictions are all the same offense of third-degree sexual abuse, resulting from one sex act both the defendant and State agree was found to have occurred. All three convictions are included within one another and are the same offense, the filing says. Brandt adds in the filing that finding three distinct offenses occurred would result in multiple punishment for the same offense and would impose a punishment greater than intended by the Iowa Legislature.

A sentencing order was filed Dec. 31. Lawson ordered the three counts be merged for sentencing.

He ordered a prison sentence of up to 10 years be suspended. A $1,000 fine was imposed. Lucas was placed on probation pending good behavior for 5 years with the Seventh Judicial District Department of Correctional Services unless sooner released by the court. He was ordered to complete the program at 605 Main St. in Davenport and is to remain in jail until bed space is available at that program.

Lawson also ordered a special sentence be imposed, committing Lucas to the custody of the Director of the Iowa Department of Corrections for life with eligibility for parole. The special sentence will begin upon completion of the sentence previously imposed. Lucas is to begin the sentence under supervision as if on parole or work release.

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