Lyons Post Office resumes business after 4 years

File photo.The Lyons Postal Station, located at 97 Main Ave., opens today.

CLINTON - More than four years after services at the Lyons Post Office were suspended due to a structural collapse, the post office is officially opening today.

A news release from the United State Postal Service states the Postal Service will resume retail and P.O. Box services at the Lyons Postal Station, located at 97 Main Ave., effective today. Retail window hours will be from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. The P.O. Box lobby will be open 24 hours.

PO Box customers wishing to reactivate their previously assigned Lyons P.O. Box numbers should fill out a new P.O. Box application and pay the current box rental rate at the Lyons station in addition to returning their current Clinton P.O. Box keys to the Clinton Post Office.

Building Co-Landlord Chad Jensen, who took ownership of the building approximately two years ago, was notified last Thursday of the impending opening of the Lyons Post Office location today. Jensen sees the Lyons Post Office location as a benefit to Clinton, citing the number of residences and businesses in the Lyons area, as well as the Clinton being a long and narrow town.

Jensen said his impression from United States Postal Services representatives was that there was always the intent to have a post office at the north end of town, whether in the current building or at another facility.

"I have yet to talk to a single citizen or customer or friend from up here not excited about having it open," Jensen said.

Construction crews in October 2014 were continuing a Main Avenue stormwater separation project next to the Lyons Post Office when a wall collapsed. The building’s foundation began to fail, and by 2:30 p.m. an entire southwest section of outer wall collapsed.

The crews that had been digging were performing an emergency controlled demolition by day’s end after the section of building was deemed unsalvageable.

BWC Excavating, a Solon-based company, was under contract with the city to complete the project. City Engineer Jason Craft in October 2014 said the foundation of the building lost its bearing capacity when crews removed soil next to the building, causing a compromise of the foundation as portions of the building began to crack and fall.

A customer appreciation event will be planned and announced at a later date.