CLINTON — The Eastern Iowa Mental Health Governing Board approved a 28E agreement last week for mental health advocate services.

The governing board voted 5-0 to approve the 28E agreement. The agreement is for Cedar, Clinton, Jackson, Muscatine and Scott counties, member counties of the Eastern Iowa Mental Health Region.

Scott County will serve as the employer of record, the agreement says. The mental health advocate will be employed by Scott County on a full-time basis and receive pay and benefits entitled to a non-union employee.

The appointment of the mental health advocate will be recommended by the region management team and approved by the Scott County Board of Supervisors. The mental health advocate will be supervised by the Scott County Community Services Director, including performance reviews and merit raises. Greg Burnett is the mental health advocate for the five counties, Region CEO Lori Elam said.

“He (Burnett) gets assigned a case after a hearing under a commitment order,” Elam said. “If the commitment continues, then he is assigned and follows the person to make sure their rights are upheld, that they’re getting appropriate service and that they’re doing what they need to do. And then he also will work with the providers to make sure that they’re meeting the individual’s needs.”

Member counties will be responsible for a percentage of expenses incurred in the employment of the mental health advocate, the agreement states. The percentages are established on an approximate case load size. The percentages and case loads will be reviewed quarterly.

The agreement says all compensation and expenses will be paid by Scott County initially. The member counties will be billed for reimbursement on a quarterly basis. The counties agree to reimburse Scott County within 30 days of receipt of billing. The agreement is effective July 1 of this year and will be subject to automatic annual renewal for one year at the beginning of each fiscal year unless terminated by one or more member counties.