Cesar Facio prepares a bowl for Cody Krause at Mexibro

Cesar Facio prepares a bowl for Cody Krause at Mexibro in Clinton. Elis Fazliu and Ashley Dzelili opened the restaurant in November on Main Avenue in Clinton.

CLINTON — MexiBro is the Subway of Mexican food, said Ashley Dzelili. She and her fiancé, Elis Fazliu, opened the restaurant in Lyons district in November.

Fazliu grew up in the restaurant business. “He’s always loved being in the industry,” Dzelili said. “His family actually owns Old Town Family Restaurant here in town. They’ve owned that for 20 years.”

Dzelili has restaurant experience as well. “I’m from Milwaukee. I was manager at a wine bar in the Milwaukee airport.”

MexiBro, the restaurant, like the name itself, is Fazliu’s “little twist on things.” Fazliu wanted a name that was catchy, Dzelili said. Something people wouldn’t forget.

MexiBro is set up like Pancheros Mexican Grill, Dzelili said. The customer selects an item — a quesadilla, a burrito, a taco, a salad, a bowl — and adds meat and toppings.

Located at 254 Main Ave. in Clinton, MexiBro has limited seating, Dzelili said. “We package everything to go.”

The location for MexiBro fell into the couple’s lap. A friend of Fazliu’s showed him the building, and he liked it, Dzelili said.

“And after we bought the building, honestly we fell in love with Lyons District. It’s like a little family all in one.”

The pandemic and restrictions were not part of the couple’s plan. “We actually bought the building before any of this happened, Dzelili said. But they’d have packaged the food to go even if the pandemic hadn’t happened, she said.

And with limited seating and a cafeteria style food selection, maintaining social distancing in easy, Dzelili said.

The couple remodeled the building after buying it. “It took us about 13 months,” Dzelili said. “It happened to be the middle of the pandemic when it was ready.

“The community’s been … awesome. They’re so understanding. So helpful We’ve gotten good feedback from everyone,” Dzelili said. “It makes you want to try harder.”

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