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CLINTON — A Morrison, Illinois, man is charged with attempted murder, accused by authorities of using his car to run over a man on a motorcycle during a traffic pursuit in Clinton.

Jeremy S. Wagner, 38, of Morrison, is charged with attempted murder, a Class B felony. Wagner also is charged with one count of reckless driving and two counts of failure to obey a traffic control device. A preliminary hearing is set for 8:30 a.m. June 19.

According to the court affidavit, at 8:08 a.m. Friday, officers were sent to the 2100 block of Lincoln Way for an accident involving a car and a motorcycle. Officers found that a vehicle had driven over a motorcycle in the 2000 block of Lincoln Way. Officers identified Wagner as the driver of the car.

The affidavit states witnesses said they saw Wagner's vehicle traveling south on Mill Creek Parkway. Wagner is accused of driving through the red light at the intersection of Mill Creek Parkway and U.S. 30, turning east. Officers said the male motorcyclist was at the Mill Creek Parkway and U.S. 30 intersection in the westbound left turning lane. Witnesses noticed the male made a U-turn and began traveling east back into town on U.S. 30. Witnesses stated this is when they noticed Wagner chasing the male east on U.S. 30. Witnesses stated they observed the male and Wagner travel east through the intersection at 21st Street and Lincoln Way. They both went through the red light in the left turning lane at a high rate of speed, witnesses said.

Witnesses stated Wagner then ran directly into the motorcycle, pinning the male on the motorcycle under the vehicle. Officers later discovered the accident may have been an intentional act by Wagner. Wagner and the male were checked by medical staff on scene. Both were transported to the Clinton Police Department to be interviewed.

The affidavit continues that Wagner told an officer his wife had been staying with a male. Wagner said he was very upset about his wife staying with the male. Wagner added he was also mad because his wife had not been with their children during the past week. Wagner stated he had been staying at the Hampton Inn in Clinton with his children because of a fire at his residence in Morrison.

Wagner stated that as he sat in his hotel room in the morning, he heard a motorcycle drive by the area. He looked out his window and noticed the male driving his motorcycle in the area. Wagner stated he became upset and ran out to this vehicle to go after the male. Wagner stated he was traveling south on Mill Creek Parkway and noticed the male make a U-turn at the U.S. 30 and Mill Creek Parkway intersection. He began chasing the male east into town. Wagner said he pulled up next to the male on the motorcycle and tried to get him to pull over but the male made an obscene gesture and continued to travel east.

The affidavit states Wagner said this made him upset. He continued to chase the male on his motorcycle as they weaved through traffic eastbound on U.S. 30. Wagner admitted to going through the red light on 21st Street and Manufacturing Drive as he chased the male through another red light at the intersection, court records state. Wagner stated that after traveling through the intersection at 21st Street and U.S. 30, he was chasing the male. The motorcycle began to slow down and Wagner stated he drove into the back of the motorcycle driven by the male. Wagner said he tried to stop the vehicle and when he finally was able to stop he realized he had driven over the male, records state. Wagner said the male was pinned under the vehicle on the motorcycle. Wagner said several witnesses helped free the male from under the vehicle.

The affidavit states the male said he noticed Wagner chasing him in his vehicle as they traveled east into town from the area of Mill Creek Parkway and U.S. 30. The male said Wagner pulled up next to him as he was on his motorcycle and began yelling profanities at the male. The male wanted to get out of the area and sped off on his motorcycle. The male said Wagner began chasing him, estimating speeds reached of 60 to 70 miles per hour. The male said he went through several red lights in the hope of getting away from Wagner, whom he said continued to chase the male in a reckless manner. The male said that at intersection at 21st Street and Lincoln Way, he looked back and noticed Wagner driving into his motorcycle and running him over. The male believed Wagner wanted to kill him.