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CAMANCHE — The Naeve family, farmers and business owners in Clinton County, have announced their plan to build a 50 head-per-day beef processing plant in Camanche.

The business is expected to create 45 to 50 new jobs and will include a retail location to sell products processed onsite.

The state-of-the-art plant will incorporate the latest technology in terms of sanitation, processing and waste management, according to a press release issued by the Clinton Regional Development Corp. on Friday morning.

“It is important that we provide employees with excellent training and a quality, clean and open work area with COVID-19 guidelines in mind,” stated Andrew Naeve, president of Naeve Family Beef. “Camanche Mayor Trevor Willis, Camanche City Administrator Andrew Kida, and Andy Sokolovich of the Clinton Regional Development Corporation have been great partners in getting this project off the ground.”

“The Greater Clinton Region continues to grow, attracting a wide range of industries. We are grateful to the Naeve family and the Iowa Economic Development Authority for bringing this project to our region. Moving forward, we will assist the Naeves with identifying a quality workforce. Thank you for choosing Camanche,” said CRDC President and CEO Erin Cole.

The plant will provide locally raised products to local consumers, retailers, restaurants, grocery stores and food distributors. The plant will also offer custom processing and packing to farmers all across the Midwest.

“It has been a long-term goal of our family to be able to have our own branded beef product that we can market locally and across the Midwest,” said Vice President Ray Naeve. “With unprecedented consolidation in the beef processing industry, there are few options for producers our size. Naeve Family Beef makes that goal an achievable reality.”

Willis welcomes the new business and appreciates the family’s choice of Camanche.

“Aside from adding to our commercial real estate base, the city of Camanche welcomes a family with great business acumen that has been prospering in Clinton County for over 100 years. Getting to know members of the family over the years has shown me that they truly value family and they are proud to be from the area. The city of Camanche is excited that they have chosen us as the community in which to invest and grow their new business.”

“The city of Camanche is excited about the Naeve’s new business. It continues Camanche’s process of growth by bringing a new industry to the area with employment opportunities and a local retail facility. The partnership of local entities in implementing Camanche’s Urban Revitalization Plan continues to pay dividends for the citizens of this community,” stated Andrew Kida, Camanche’s city administrator.

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