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CAMANCHE — The Camanche City Council voiced support last week for a family business that has plans to set up in Camanche.

Last week, the Naeve family announced their plan to build a 50 head-per-day beef processing plant in Camanche. Naeve Family Beef President Andrew Naeve presented the business plan to the Camanche City Council earlier last week and said the company hopes to break ground in the spring.

About 2 1/2 months ago, Camanche City Administrator Andrew Kida was approached by the Naeve family regarding property in Camanche for a facility, Kida said. They had some issues trying to find the right property and figuring out if the operation could come to Camanche, Kida noted. Kida helped facilitate a connection with Artco for a piece of land to suit the Naeve‘s needs, Kida added.

“They’ve been very forthcoming in what their process is and what their manufacturing process is going to be,” Kida said. “And we found them a lot of property where it’s properly zoned for them to be able to operate that business and where we can supply them for utilities that they need for their operation.”

The project would be a 40 to 50 head-per-day processing plant for beef cattle, Naeve said. The company would be investing about $10 million into the area and creating 40 to 50 new jobs over the next three years, Naeve said.

“We’ll offer the custom processing for farmers all across the Midwest that potentially already have the brand of products and they can’t find access or affordable access to get their beef cut and processed,” Naeve said.

They can also assist in packaging the product for them, Naeve added.

The proposed location of the business is on Seventh Avenue and U.S. 67, Naeve stated. Camanche city representatives were up front about the potential construction of a roundabout in the city, Naeve said. Naeve Family Beef has no issues with the roundabout as long as it is designed properly, he added.

“It probably will help with the truck traffic,” Naeve said. “From our standpoint, it would make that intersection safer. And I think it will for cars as well.”

Councilman Paul Varner does not see any aspect of the project to which he would object, he said. Naeve Family Beef seems like good neighbors and have a well thought-out plan, Varner said.

Councilman Brent Brightman appreciated the plan brought forward by Naeve Family Beef, he said.

“That’s one thing we’re, as this council here, is trying to set in place is show us a plan of what your business is going to be,” Brightman said. “So it’s very well outlined. Very professional looking.”

Project consultant Keith DeHaan looks forward to not only assisting in construction of the plant but also being able to support it going forward, he said. Things do not always run smoothly with startups but DeHaan’s business is here to help Naeve Family Beef, he said. They know Naeve Family Beef will be successful in the long run, he added.

City Engineer Dan Solchenberger believes everything is in good shape, he said. They just need full information on what their waste flow will be and how much water they will use, he added.

“That way we’ll make sure the Seventh Street lift station can handle it,” Solchenberger said. “But other than that, I think it’s going to be a great project for Camanche.”

If everything goes to plan, they will break ground as soon as weather permits in the spring, Naeve said. He is looking at a probable April timeline but it could potentially be earlier, Naeve noted.

“Once we break ground, it’s looking nine months on the buildout and then operations,” Naeve said. “I guess ultimately our goal is we’d like to be operational by the first of the year. So it moves pretty quick.”

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