New assistantprincipal nowgetting settled

Robert Gosch

FULTON, Ill. — When Fulton High School begins its school year this week, there will be a new face in the assistant principal’s office.

Robert Gosch became the school’s assistant principal Aug. 1, and will be introduced to FHS students when the school year begins Wednesday

“I got into education because I always enjoyed working with other people and being able to help solve problems,” Gosch said. “Science was my background and that was always fun doing investigations and doing things like that. I also loved coaching so being able to stay in athletics was a plus in the education world.”

Athletics will be a big part of Gosch’s job as the assistant principal position at FHS also serves as its athletic director.

Gosch is a Dixon High School and Western Illinois University graduate. He spent the previous five years in Oneida, Illinois at the ROWVA school district teaching biology at the junior high and high school levels.

“I started the administration program at Western (Illinois) about two years ago and finished that up this past spring,” Gosch said. “I really wanted to get into that because I felt I was good at having leadership roles in the buildings I was working at in ROWVA and found I had a knack to work with people and solve problems and it kind of led me to this career.”

One thing he said he’s excited for is integrating into the Fulton community. He said with him being from Dixon and his wife from Morrison, Illinois the position here seemed to be a great fit.

“I was extremely excited being so close to family and Fulton’s a great community so I’m excited to be a part of it,” Gosch said.

In his first two weeks at Fulton, a lot of Gosch’s time has gone to transitioning plans that former assistant principal Josh Knuth was working on before he took a different job.

“We’ve got Meet the Steamers coming up, getting prepared for that, and then we’re going to be getting into the full swing of things with teachers and students reporting next week and volleyball, football, golf all getting underway,” Gosch said.