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GOOSE LAKE — Sixty Large Group Speech students led by Rachel Pasker and Kris Doss represented Northeast High School at the State Speech Competition at Northeast High School. The team prepared 22 events in nine categories and earned 18 Division I Ratings and three Division II Ratings.

Events earning all Division I ratings

- “All My Sons” – An Ensemble Acting with Dulcenea Clarke, Carter Jargo, and Garrett Lamp.

- “Spring Awakening” – A Musical Theater with Emilia Feller and Carter Jargo.

- “Three Random Words” – A Group Improvisation with Zebediah Cox, Brooke Bredekamp, Tyler Hines, and Nathan Ketelsen. Their situation was: Reporting a stolen car.

- “Level 2 Improv” – A Group Improvisation with Bryce Guilliams, Garrett Lamp, and Thomas Machande. Their situation was: Audition for a TV Game Show.

- “The Iowa Broadcast” – A Radio Broadcast with Abbigail Hargrave, Tayte Holdgrafer, Corbin Knutsen, Hannah Lower, Clayton Meyermann, Jacob Tegeler, Ella Trenkamp, and Kylie Petersen.

- “NOIR Radio” – A Radio Broadcast with Talib Bird, Alex Everson, Zoey Foster, William Lampe, Gaven Schneider.

- “FAIL Radio” – A Radio Broadcast with Emilia Feller, Tyler Hines, Thomas Machande, Michael Mulholland, and Jeffrey Peters.

Events earning overall Division I ratings

- “Keeping Score” – An Ensemble Acting with Paige Holst, Bryce Guilliams, Ciera Krogman, and Ellie Rickertsen.

- “As Bad As It Gets” – An Ensemble Acting with Hannah Lower, Madison Kluever, and Brenna Meyermann.

- “Each Kindness” – A Choral Reading with Peighton Dolan, Ava Friedrichsen, Emma Garien, Kesley Holdgrafer, Luke Holdgrafer, Brooklyn Kucera, Jessica Ploog, Jara Rathje, Valerie Spooner.

- “I Need My Monster” – A Reader’s Theater with Zoey Englert, Abbigail Hargrave, Piper Isbell, Madison Kluever, Lily Leding, Kelvin Machande, Brenna Meyermann, and Ella Trenkamp.

- “Fun Home” – A Musical Theater with Dulcenea Clarke, Kathryn French, Paige Holst, Michael Mulholland, Ellie Rickertsen.

- “Improvi-Nation” – A Group Improvisation with Alexis Grantz, Isabelle Harland, Corbin Knutsen, and Clayton Meyermann. Their situation was: Shaping a sand sculpture and losing half of it.

- “A Maternal Love” – A Group Mime with Emma Ketelsen, Ciera Krogman, Beth Lamp, and Madison Martens.

- “3 Girls and a Game” – A Group Mime with Jessica Ploog, Jara Rathje, and Cenady Soenksen.

- “I Never Saw Another Butterfly” – A One Act Play with Zebediah Cox, Zoey Foster, Kathryn French, Nolan Holdgrafer, Emma Ketelsen, Nathan Ketelsen, and Brooklyn Kucera.

- “Rapunzel Uncut” – A Reader’s Theater with Alaina Boyer-Kane, Brooke Bredekamp, Blake Hansen, Nolan Holdgrafer, Clarissa Jacobsen, Coby Johnson, Beth Lamp, Madison Martens, and Cenady Soenksen.

- “Face the Music” – An Ensemble Acting with Blake Hansen, Kesley Holdgrafer, and Valerie Spooner

Events earning overall Division II ratings

- “Purple Dragons” – A Group Improvisation with Wyatt Dann, Kelvin Machande, Hanna Miller, and Jacob Tegeler. Their situation was Flying a plane for the first time.

- “A Coincidence” – A Short Film with Isabelle Harland, Tayte Holdgrafer, Aden Howard, Piper Isbell, Hanna Miller, Tayte Holdgrafer, Kendyl Perron, and Kylie Petersen.

- “A Hint of an Idea” – A Short Film with Talib Bird, Peighton Dolan, Alex Everson, Luke Holdgrafer, and William Lampe.

The Northeast Speech Team will compete in the Individual Conference Speech competition hosted by Northeast High School on Feb. 22. Due to social distancing mitigations, Northeast students will perform at Northeast High School with limited spectators.

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