Peterson announces run for city council

CLINTON -- Clinton resident Cyara Peterson announced her candidacy for Second-Ward City Council member in a press release Friday.

The second-ward seat is currently held by Lynn McGraw. Petersen, a lifelong Gateway-area resident and mother of four, said her desire to improve her hometown is what has fueled her involvement in various City of Clinton initiatives.

"In 2017, my fiancé and I made the choice to combine homes and plant the seed for our family to bloom here in Clinton," Peterson said. "Upon returning to the same neighborhood where I was raised, I was disheartened by some of the changes I had seen but also enlightened to see the character and unity still within the community. This first hand knowledge inspired me to become active within our city and make changes by bridging the gap between the community and the city."

Since becoming active in city functions, Peterson has been appointed by officials to the city's Neighborhood Improvement Committee, assisting with projects such as the lead abatement program and Community Block Development Grant program as well as the city's efforts to either rehabilitate or demolish dilapidated buildings.

Peterson also runs a Facebook page to provide casual, informal conversation regarding city government and infrastructure.

Peterson said in her release that, if elected, she will continue to bring the community closer to its elected officials.

"I will strive to continue bringing grant funding to our community and help homeowners maintain their homes while restoring and cleaning up our now neglected areas," Peterson said. "I will work to become a beacon of information for the Second Ward and the entire community. I want to encourage all constituents to become involved either through volunteer work sprucing up our beautiful downtown area and the city as a whole or simply by exercising your voice.

"I promise to remain prominently active within the Second Ward while forming relationships with its constituents and rebuild neighborhood unity; 'Bridge the Gap' so to speak," Peterson said.