Public hearing to focus on train whistles

CLINTON — The Clinton City Council has begun its effort to implement “quiet zones” in regard to trains traveling the railroad tracks in the city’s riverfront district.

A notice from the City of Clinton has announced a public meeting at Clinton City Hall on Aug. 16 from 1 to 3 p.m. for community members to hear the plan to implement the quiet zones from Ninth Avenue North all the way to Sixth Avenue South.

“This project will include closing some crossings, modifying others, and improving the overall appearance and safety of all railroad crossings in Riverview Park,” the notice states. “Safety being our primary concern, each crossing that remains will comply with federal Quiet Zone rules so that the trains will not be forced to blare on the whistle, disturbing the peace of those enjoying the many park amenities adjacent to the tracks.”

According to the release, the “incessant” blaring of train horns currently disrupts family time at places such as the Riverview Swimming Pool, concerts or other gatherings at the Riverview Bandshell, sleeping hours at the city’s RV Park, and baseball games or events at NelsonCorp Field and Clinton LumberKings events.

“We are all tired of the constant deafening sound of a freight train blowing their horn at every single crossing through Riverview Park. We are seeking input and attendance from all interested Clinton residents,” the notice continues. “If this sounds like something you are interested in, please join us at City Hall on Friday, Aug. 16 for an exciting discussion on how we can quiet down the trains and improve Riverview Park as a great place to be.”