Recycling process causing woes in Camanche

CAMANCHE — Camanche city officials are noting negative issues with the town's recycling services, put in place after a change in garbage pickup procedures last fall.

Residents currently take their recyclables to the Camanche Police Department parking lot, a drop-off point designated after the city of Camanche in November entered into an agreement with Republic Services for garbage pickup and recycling services.

The city previously had a contract with River City Disposal. Camanche City Council minutes from Nov. 16 indicate that River City Disposal owner Jorge Poblete informed City Administrator Andrew Kida about an issue with his truck. Poblete said he needed to back out of the contract that was set to go through March 2021.

The city at that time suspended curb-side recycling due to staffing capacity, and containers for recycling were put in the Camanche Police Department parking lot on Washington Boulevard until curb-side recycling can be restored.

"The recycling thing is a nightmare," Fire Chief Dave Schutte said. "And I get it's centrally located for a reason but we've already had to replace one section of the parking lot. It looks like an oil field out there. Which that parking lot's been there for almost 30 years and it never looked that bad until the last few months.

"I don't know if there's a different way. I know it's there because of the camera system but we don't do anything when people don't follow the rules anyway so I don't think that's a critical component."

Camanche Mayor Trevor Willis said he has received feedback that individuals are taking commercial recycling over to the Camanche Police Department parking lot.

"I would imagine because they're where they're at, and because the situation is what it is, people are cleaning out their garage, all their recycling they have in there," Willis said, "I don't think it's going to last forever."