CHS renovation drawing

Plans for a new Clinton High School includes a three-story academic wing in the location of the current east parking lot and a new parking lot north of the football field. The school board approved a contract Monday with Frevert-Ramsey-Kobes Architects and Engineers for the project.

CLINTON — The Clinton School Board approved an amended professional services agreement with Frevert-Ramsey-Kobes Architects and Engineers on Monday, setting the high school renovation project in motion.

The district’s previous contract with FRK retained the firm for master planning, according to the school district. The amended contract is for actual renovation and the construction project.

FRK will meet with teachers for input June 3-4, Superintendent Gary DeLacy said Monday, and will give the school board an update on design work during its June 8 meeting.

“I already told FRK I understand change orders when we’re in the ground,” DeLacy told the board. Once construction is out of the ground, changes are due to “poor design on their part” and FRK should absorb the cost, he said.

“We’re talking about breaking ground on the building in April,” said DeLacy. “We’re actually going to start on that north field parking lot this fall. We need that parking lot because we’re going to lose the east parking lot.”

According to architectural drawings, the academic wing and media center will be built where the east parking lot is now. Parking will be added across Eighth Avenue South north of the football field.

“We’re kind of pushing right now because interest rates are about as good as they’re going to get,” DeLacy said. That leaves more money for principal and more money for the project.

“Maybe we don’t spend $62 million,” said DeLacy.

On the other hand, the cost of material may have increased due to the COVID-19 situation, negating the advantages of low interest rates.

According to the amended agreement with FRK, construction on the north field parking lot will begin August 2020 and should be complete in November 2020.

Phases 1-7 will begin February 2021. Completion is expected September 2025.