School district raises salaries by 2%

Clinton School Board members Jenifer Green and Eric Gettes and Superintendent Gary DeLacy discuss district business during Monday's board meeting.Winona Whitaker/Clinton Herald

CLINTON — Clinton School District teachers will see a 2% increase in their base pay for the 2019-2020 school year, the school board decided this week.

The board approved a contract Monday that would set the base pay for teachers at $36,209. Salaries increase with education levels, giving teachers with master's degrees $38,555 per year and those with master's degrees plus 45 hours $41,573 per year.

All returning teachers will receive an additional $1,000. Superintendent Gary DeLacy wanted to make sure that all teachers receive a pay increase, including those who had reached the top pay level, he said.

"Eighty-nine teachers were already bottomed out," DeLacy said. "They would have gotten no increase in pay."

Teachers serving as coaches and advisers will receive 2% increases in compensation for those duties as well, DeLacy said.

The board also approved wage rates for non-union employees.

"Again, our target number this year is 2%," DeLacy told the board.

The new rates would give administrative assistants about $20 an hour, crossing guards $12 an hour and substitute teachers $115 and $125 per day for short-term and long-term periods, respectively.

"Bus drivers are one area we are behind," DeLacy said.

Clinton is not competitive with other districts in paying drivers, but the difference is too large to make up in one year. The district has had one rate for regular education routes and a rate 25 cents higher for special education routes, DeLacy said. Next year, all drivers will receive the higher rate.

On top of that, drivers will receive 32 cents more per hour, DeLacy said. All drivers will make $16.22 per hour. Bus monitors will receive a 22-cent raise, a rate of $11.11 per hour.

Driving an activities route will pay $11.50 an hour, a 49-cent increase, DeLacy said.

"We have a hard time getting people to drive activities routes. We've got some work to do," but the raise is a good first step, DeLacy said.

The pay increase for custodians is deceptive, DeLacy told the board.

"One of our premises this year was to get everyone on the same [insurance] plan," he said.

To cover part of the insurance expense, custodians were given an additional 75 cents per hour, making their total raise $1.08.

"Seventy-five cents of that $1.08 is actually compensating them for what they are going to pay for health insurance," DeLacy said.

Rates for custodians will range from $15.95 per hour for Class I custodians to $18.97 for Class V.

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