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DEWITT — Sidewalk repairs were among the topics of discussion at the DeWitt City Council meeting earlier this month. Council members approved agreements for repairs of both city and private sidewalks as the city continues to bring itself into compliance with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.

Like it has in the past, the city entered into a contract with Precision for surveying and laser cutting. The county also approved entering into agreements with Big Daddy Repair and Eastern Iowa Excavation & Concrete LLC for sidewalk installation and replacement on both city and private land.

This was the second time the city sought such bids; DeWitt City Administrator Steve Lindner said the city went through the same process last spring but did not received any.

This fall, Big Daddy Repair was the low bidder on the city sidewalk replacement and repair with a bid of $12,957.38, while Eastern Iowa Excavation & Concrete LLC was the low bidder with a bid of $22,904.

The city work will include the installation of sidewalk on the north side of Lincoln Park along 11th Street. Lindner said work on that project will begin in the spring.

For the last two years, the city has focused on a quadrant of town for Precision to survey for large cracks or bumps on sidewalks. Federal law provides guidelines on sidewalk segment height differences, grades, etc. This year, the repair program will focus on the northwest section of town. Lindner reported the cost for repairs to city sidewalks is $8,142.75. The total cost for private repairs is $64,048.25. Most of the repairs require laser cutting, he noted, which will be performed by Precision, and residents will need to pay for their portion of the repairs.

The city will pay Precision the lump sum, then will be reimbursed by invoicing property owners. Property owners will have one year to pay if their total invoice is less than $500, and four years to pay if their invoice is over $500.

Lindner said most of the repairs are minor, but there are quite a few of them.

Kate Howes writes for the DeWitt Observer.

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