Snack creation turns into business opportunity

Jake Mosbach/Clinton HeraldTodd Tubbs stands with the various flavors of his newest business venture, "Cookie Dough On the Go" Thursday at 210 Sixth Ave. South.

CLINTON — What started as a fun family vacation to the West Coast has spurred a unique new Clinton business.

When Todd Tubbs and his sons were exploring downtown Burbank, California, they stumbled upon a "raw cookie dough" operation selling the product by the cup. After a trip featuring visits to Las Vegas, the Santa Monica Pier, and NFL stadiums out west, there was one experience that his sons couldn't stop talking about – the cookie dough. So naturally, Tubbs went to work trying to replicate it.

And so, "Cookie Dough On The Go" was born.

The delicious product is safe to eat thanks to an absence of eggs and flour, Tubbs said. With various flavors available, his business operating out of the former Burke Florist building at 210 Sixth Ave. South is gaining traction in the Gateway area.

"I basically just sat down in the kitchen and experimented and figured out the way that I would do it," Tubbs said Thursday. "I have my take on it, and I just posted on Facebook a while back that I had some, and everybody wanted to know how they could get some."

Tubbs has utilized social media heavily, he said, to promote the start-up company. Now, as warmer weather arrives, he has plans to set up shop during the day up on the riverfront, joining other local favorites such as Holly's Dogs and Kelley Girls Woodfire Pizza.

He currently carries out deliveries of the cookie dough throughout the area, taking orders by phone or social media. Cookie Dough On The Go can also be found at Deanna's Java Station, and Tubbs said the company's product is also available for community fund-raising opportunities.

The rise of the company has surprised Tubbs.

"It's been huge," Tubbs said. "I just look at the timetable of it all. I took some to a New Year's Eve party just as a snack for everyone. It wasn't even a real thing or a potential business at all at that point. Then two weeks later, I'm in this commercial kitchen, and it's just blown up. It's been incredible how fast it's grown."

The product doesn't need to be refrigerated, but some people prefer the refrigerated taste over the non-refrigerated version, Tubbs said. The tasty, convenient snack has been traveling around the city as Tubbs offers free samples.

His personal presence has created word-of-mouth buzz.

"That has actually been incredible for me," Tubbs said of the sample popularity.

Tubbs can be reached at 219-0526.