South Fourth Street near Clinton Park

South Fourth Street will be re-striped to two lanes after microsurfacing this summer.

CLINTON — The City of Clinton will stripe South Fourth Street this summer to create two straight lanes, a bike path and wider parking.

The Clinton City Council agreed Tuesday to eliminate one lane of traffic on South Fourth Street from Second Avenue South to Seventh Avenue South following micro-resurfacing.

“There’s a lot of right-of-way in that road,” Zane Pennock, assistant city engineer, previously told the City Council. “We’ve got three lanes, and ... we have highways out there that don’t have three lanes,” he said.

“The whole goal is to make this segment of road multi-modal and to maintain a consistent cross-section throughout the road,” said Pennock. “Right now the lanes kind of meander a little bit.”

The re-striping will create two consistent lanes from Second Avenue South “without deviation” all the way to 11th Avenue South, Pennock said. A bike lane, which will eventually move off-road, will be added on the east side.

According to a report from the City’s engineering department to the City Council, the area in question doesn’t have enough traffic to warrant three one-way lanes.

The Iowa Department of Transportation suggested a couple of years ago that the City reduce the number of lanes to slow traffic on South Fourth Street, the engineering report said.

“This is a traffic-calming measure,” said Pennock.

Parking will remain as is between Second Avenue South and Third Avenue South. Parking will still be prohibited from Third Avenue South to Fifth Avenue South.

Clinton City Administrator Matt Brooke said last month that reducing lanes beside Central Fire Station will make parking for the Building and Neighborhood Services office less hazardous, because parking spaces will be wider when the third lane is removed.

“Right now it’s still a little tight with the three lanes,” said Brooke. When wide trucks park at BNS to get permits, drivers have no room to adjust if cars are in the lane beside them, said Brooke.

The City will take some property in front of Howes and Jefferies in the left lane south of Fifth Avenue South to make room for the bike lane and still have parking on that side of the street.

This is a very easy project, said Pennock. It doesn’t require any major overhauls. The street is being microsurfaced and had to be re-striped anyway.

This is an easy way to install bike lanes as well, said Pennock.

The City of Clinton Traffic Study Commission recommended the project during its May 18 meeting.

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