Supervisors appoint two medical examiners

CLINTON — Clinton County officials have approved a resolution to appoint new county medical examiners.

While Eric Petersen, the county's prior medical examiner, verbally confirmed he was willing to continue to serve as the county's medical examiner, the Clinton County Board of Supervisors on Wednesday voted 3-0 to approve a resolution to appoint Mary Malcom and Michael Cloos as county medical examiner and deputy medical examiner. The board is required to appoint a medical examiner every two years on the first business day of January.

"I would recommend that it would be the best position for Clinton County to have a deputy and a medical examiner to have redundancy," Clinton County Emergency Management Coordinator Chance Kness said. "And since we have two doctors willing to work together, that we go with Dr. Mary Malcom and Dr. Michael Cloos as medical examiner and deputy medical examiner."

Board of Supervisors Chairman Dan Srp said Malcom serves on the county's Board of Health. Srp said he checked with Clinton County Attorney Mike Wolf about a potential conflict of interest. Srp stated Wolf did not identify a possible conflict of interest, stating the two entities operate in an isolated and separate way.

"I understand Chance's world well enough where he wants to prepare us for every worst-case scenario that's out there and I guess redundancy is a tool in that effort," Srp said. " So I guess I understand that recommendation. I'm generally willing to support it. I think it merits being said, regardless of the outcome, doctor Petersen's been a terrific service and I also have great confidence that he would continue to do an excellent job for Clinton County moving forward."