CLINTON —  Clinton County Building Maintenance Manager Corey Johnson updated the Board of Supervisors on the progress of courthouse roof repair Tuesday.

At the board meeting two weeks ago, Johnson told the Supervisors the courthouse roof sustained damage during the storm on April 9. Since the meeting, Johnson says he has reached out to four different companies for roof repair. The only company they have gotten a bid back from is Beckwith Roofing in Clinton. In the estimate they prepared, they only provided an estimate to replace, not to repair. The county also is to receive a bid from Sterling Commercial Roofing, according to Johnson. The bid from Sterling Commercial Roofing will provide the county with options for replacing the roof. 

“They are looking at four different options,” Johnson said. “Two types of metal shingles that would look the exact same as the peak of the clock tower. Plus a regular asphalt roof plus a repair roof cost. So I will be having those back yet today.”

Supervisors Vice Chairman Dan Srp requested that Johnson look into possibly getting more bids from the current companies or other companies. He stated that with the metal roofing being an option, it would be ideal for the Supervisors to be able to have competing bids to compare pricing.

“I appreciate that we’re looking at maybe a more long-lasting product,” Srp said. “But if we’ve only got one contractor bidding the metal option, I guess I’d question whether or not it’d be appropriate to seek another contractor that has that type of application and material available to consider multiple bids of that type of product.” 

County Auditor Eric Van Lancker said they have received a quote back from the Iowa Communities Assurance Pool for $10,000 with a $1,000 deductible. The quote, which is for roof repair, includes four squares on the courthouse roof. Some contractors estimate there are 10 to 12 squares that need to be replaced on the roof. 

Supervisor Shawn Hamerlinck expressed concern that making a claim will make their insurance rates go up. He wondered if it would even be worth it to make an insurance claim if the price of insurance would go up because of the roof repair or replacement. Van Lancker said this claim would not necessarily make the county’s rates go up. County Risk Management Services Representative Ross Sporer confirmed this, telling the Supervisors that this kind of insurance claim would not make their rates go up.  

“Both ICAP and IMWCA are heavily focused on loss control as I mentioned,” Sporer said. “And if you have a claim that happens even though you have done everything right so to speak, that basically will not impact your premium. And particularly windstorms and things of that nature, clearly you can’t manage that. Things that can impact your premium would be claims that are a result of failure to follow safety procedures.” 

There was no action taken on the roof repair since Johnson brought up the issue in a department head report and it was not on the agenda. Johnson will continue to collect bids on the roof before bringing a resolution before the board. 

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