Cody Assenmacher

Preston native Cody Assenmacher.

In the latest episode of the CBS hit show “Survivor”, Preston native Cody Assenmacher kept his run on the show alive as he pulled off a tough task.

Assenmacher, as well as his entire tribe, was a main character in this latest episode, the second in the series. Early in the episode he explained his back story as to why he lives his life to the fullest. He mentioned his high school friend, Devon Yaddof, as the spark that made him not take anything for granted.

In the mid-part of the episode, the three tribes competed against each other in a challenge. The two winners were granted immunity and the losing tribe had to go to tribal council and vote off one of their members.

Assenmacher is a part of the Vesi tribe and they were unable to complete the challenge. This then brought up a big question: Who would they vote off the island?

It was really between two of their teammates, those two being Justine and Nneka.

As they were debating and trying to make alliances ahead of tribal council, Assenmacher went adventuring by himself on the island. While adventuring, he found an idol.

Idols in “Survivor” can grant immunity to being voted off at tribal council. This one that he stumbled across was a beware idol. This idol would only work if he completed the challenge that was written on the paper attached to the idol.

If Assenmacher did not do the challenge, he would lose his vote. The challenge was to get beads from all the other members of his tribe and he could vote.

He used his intelligence and charisma to ask his tribe mates if he could have their beads to attach to a hat that he had woven earlier in the episode. Four of the five agreed right away but Noelle was a tough one to crack.

He got her to agree and he was able to vote and get the powers of his idol. They voted out Justine. Assenmacher survived to participate in the game for another episode.

You can continue to follow Assenmacher’s journey as he competes for a $1 million prize each Wednesday at 7 p.m. on CBS.

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