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Hello Taste Travelers! Glad to see you.

Today we have discovered a new place for bakery goods – specifically, bread – at The Dutch Oven Co., newly opened in Fulton, Illinois, at 1107 Fourth St.

This family run business brings us recipes from their family and even has their family helping and running the business. Even the kiddos!

So you can see, family is their center. Today they offer the choice of French bread or butterscotch bread. I opted for the French bread to go with the goulash I made for dinner. Yes, I do still cook.

The aroma of the bread was too tantalizing so I tore off a hunk to munch on the way home. Absolutely delicious, folks. Fresh, yet light, but still carried the weight of a healthy serving of bread. They shared with me that nothing goes to waste either. They share their goods with the Fulton first responders and even Information, Referral and Assistance Services in Clinton. Give them a try and tell them the Taste Traveler sent you.

Now for a quick, comfort meal I call goulash. Not the traditional Hungarian, but the Taste Traveler method. I brown and drain a pound of ground beef cooked with diced onions to taste. I boil macaroni style noodles and drain. Combining both with a can of stewed tomatoes (I prefer one that adds seasoning such as basil and garlic) add (and this is critical!) – catsup or ketchup to taste. My husband likes a boatload of the sauce, so I add nearly ¾ of a cup, then simmer while stirring. I then remove from cooking and let it sit for a half hour to combine the flavors. Warm it up when it’s time for dinner and voila! A hearty supper is made for two with leftovers. Adding the terrific French bread I mentioned above, I’m a chef for the evening.

Bon Appetit my friends! By the way, that is French for enjoy your meal.

Clinton Herald Food Columnist Jennifer Graf works non-stop to find local eating establishments to avoid cooking. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she was concerned about local, small eateries. Finding their creativity in keeping their doors open inspiring, she now provides Herald readers with different eating options, which include all manner of tastes and types, located just a short drive from home. Her column is published every Saturday in the Herald.

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