Fulton Elementary School Principal Jeff Hoese, Ryan Dail

In this April 2020 file photo, Fulton Elementary School Principal Jeff Hoese gives the morning announcements via the school’s YouTube channel. Ryan Dail provides technical support. The district is increasing efforts to make sure that all students complete all assignments before the school year ends May 28.

FULTON, Ill. — Remote learning will stop at the end of the school’s calender year, but not all River Bend School District students are on pace to complete assigned tasks.

“I think we’re down to around 12 students that don’t meet what I would call passing standards,” Middle School Principal Kathleen Schipper told the River Bend School Board on Monday.

Teachers have worked with students one on one and hope to have the number down to four or five by the end of the week, Schipper said. Teachers have tried several ways — including home visits — to engage the lagging students.

The parents are aware that students have not completed their work, Schipper told the board.

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink,” School Board member Jane Orman Luker said.

Teachers have discussed summer school and are ready to staff it, Schipper said. They’re waiting to see “what all we have left to work with.” Schipper doesn’t want to have summer school online in July.

Fulton High School had about 58 students Monday who had incomplete work in at least one class, High School Principal Bob Gosch said. “A lot of those students, I think, are close.”

Two weeks ago the number was 103.

Gosch has three teachers signed up for summer school, he said, but he isn’t sure how successful it will be. “If they aren’t engaging now, how do we get them to engage in the summer?”

Out of 385 students in kindergarten through fifth grades, Fulton Elementary School has 13 who are currently incomplete in course work, said Principal Jeff Hoese.

Teachers are tapering lessons down and will provide more help to those who are behind, he said. He hopes to have assignments completed by all students by the end of the school year.

Teachers are to make daily contact with families of students who have incomplete work, Hoese said. “Next week, if we have students who are behind, teachers will work with them one on one going into summer.”

Some of the students who are behind in their work come from the same homes, Hoese said. It’s more than “just one kid here and there.”

School Board President Dan Portz said he’s disappointed that so many students are not engaged. “We’ve tried our best. Our teachers have done well.”

Schipper said the middle school will conduct goodbye sessions online to take the place of last-day-of-school events. Students will be able to see classmates on a non-academic platform and say goodbye to classmates and teachers.

River Bend’s last day of school, pending snow days, was scheduled for May 28.