CLINTON — The Alliant Energy M.L. Kapp Generating station was imploded Friday.

An Alliant press release says the 165-megawatt coal-fired generating station at 2001 Beaver Channel Parkway was put into service in 1947. The generating station was converted to natural gas in 2015. The company decided to close the facility after two reviews indicated the move was in the best financial interests of Alliant Energy customers. The final day of operation of the generating station was June 1, 2018.

The retirement of M.L. Kapp is in line with the company’s guiding principles to advance clean energy, company officials said in the press release. The release says about 30% of the company’s fossil-fueled generation capacity has been retired since 2005; that includes 1,000 megawatts of retired coal-fired generation.

The release states the company’s move toward cleaner energy focuses on a diverse generation mix, including the Marshalltown Generating Station, a 706-megawatt natural gas-fired facility. The release states the Marshalltown Generating Station is one of the most efficient natural gas power plants in the nation.

The company said an implosion provides a safer and more cost-effective way to clear the property. More than 99% of the materials from the remaining structures will either be reused on site or recycled.