University of Iowa Engineering Student Libby Lorts, right, speaks at the Sawmill Museum Thursday as Eric Vidhamali looks on.

CLINTON — University of Iowa Engineering students outlined proposals for what an event space and amphitheater could look like at Clinton’s Sawmill Museum.

The two proposal estimates combined came in just under $13 million. The event space estimate came in at about $12.3 million, and the amphitheater at about $600,000.

The main purpose of the new building would be to give the museum a larger events center, University of Iowa Engineering Student Cade McNeill said. Wedding receptions and other receptions could be held there.

The building would incorporate some of the different aspects of the Clinton area, McNeill said.

The building would include a gift shop, storage and office space, McNeill said. The second floor would include a kitchen and bride and groom rooms.

The proposal could not allocate the recommended 300 parking stalls, University of Iowa Engineering Student Jack Marchiori said. The students found space for only 166 parking stalls. An exception from the city would be required to allow for the lack of parking, he said.

“We would be seeking an exception from the city to allow for the undersized parking lots,” Marchiori said. “Like I said, when we were designing the parking lots, we just ran into the issue of not having enough room to get to that number.”

The students knew they could not utilize the north lot due to the proposed amphitheater project, Marchiori said. They provided a parking lot to the north of the proposed building and a parking lot to the southwest of the building to maximize the parking cell number, he said.

The parking lot to the west of the tracks would have 139 stalls. The students anticipated that this would be the lot utilized the most, Marchiori said.

The north lot would have 19 stalls.

Parking that meets requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act would be directly in front of the main entrance to the lobby, Marchiori said.

The amphitheater would cost an estimated $604,000. This includes over $316,000 for the amphitheater itself and over $223,000 for the stage. The proposal also included a pavilion and staging area.

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