We will have Medicare for all and more abundantly.

We must have Medicare for all. It will cover everyone. With no deductibles and covers healthcare and dental and vision. How?

Our healthcare compared to the rest of the world is twice as high. With that high cost we should be rated number one right? However, we are rated at 18th in the world.

We have the highest cost in the world, yet 44 million Americans have no healthcare and another 38 million have inadequate healthcare.

America spends $3.5 trillion a year on healthcare. Our country can decide to make our healthcare system cost $1.75 trillion. What could we do with this extra money? We could build affordable housing using a lot of the lumber that burns in California every year. We could build up to 130,000 electric cars every year, cars that don’t pollute.

Our next President of the United States should tell us what they will do with the extra money.

Finally, it has been said you can keep your own insurance. The problem with that is, yours might be good, however, 82 million have inadequate insurance. Medicare for all will give the best insurance to everybody. Get your employers to change this benefit, which would add to your pension.


Robert L. Davis