Welcome to the fall of the Clinton Herald

Dear Sir or Madam/ Readers Letters:

I saw it coming. First, the [associate] editor quit. Then subscription rates increased. Today you state the end of the Monday paper. Welcome to the fall of the Clinton Herald.

I may be speaking for myself, but I am done with the digital era. Apparently social media rules. I refuse to activate my digital account just as I will not use e books. I do not belong to twitter or facebook. I like the solid feel of a newspaper in my hands. I like turning real pages. I do not text or use a cellphone when driving. I am a dinosaur.

But I am an intelligent dinosaur. If you buy the newspaper out of a bin at today's rate of $1.00 it costs you $24 a month. It will soon go to $20 a month. If you have a subscription at today's rate (rounding up) it is $16 a month or 66 cents a day, With the new 4 less papers a month the cost will rise to 80 cents a day. Yes, still less than buying the paper from a bin, but still a increase in cost to the consumer.

What is going to happen to the comics and puzzle pages? Are you going to print doubles on Tuesday?

I really looked forward to the Monday morning paper. I enjoy it with my cup of regular, not fancy pants coffee. Too bad you could not cut the Wednesday paper instead. But again, money rules the advertising district. On line purchases rule. Electronic devices rule. The good old days are gone.

So too, will be the Clinton Herald if the "cost savings" don't keep up with the dinosaurs. The Boomers still rule the income divide. Think carefully when cutting services to the old fashioned group.


Mrs. Chris Cotie