Wild Winter Wednesdays announce program changes

FULTON, Ill. — The extreme cold weather conditions the last two weeks of January forced the education committee of Fulton's Windmill Area to cancel two scheduled programs.

This year marks the first time in Wild Winter Wednesdays at the Windmill Cultural Center's six-year history that an event was cancelled. A new policy has been instituted. If River Bend schools in Fulton cancel classes due to weather conditions, any planned Wild Winter Wednesdays program also will be cancelled. Due to the two program cancellations and health concerns for one of the presenters, the following are program changes:

- Feb. 13: "The Cool Summers and Warm Hearts of Newfoundland, Canada" with Anni Johnson.

- Feb. 20: "Great Backyard Bird Count" with Becky Baugh.

- Feb. 27: "Our Scales that Slither" with Jill Schmidt.

- March 6: "Amazon River/Tropical Islands" with Thomas Gibbons.