Mercy offering new varicose vein treatment options

CLINTON — Mercy Medical Center – Clinton recently completed the installation of a new vein treatment room with state-of-the-art equipment to provide area residents with local options for vein treatment.

Dr. Ricky Maddox, a board-certified general surgeon, is now helping many patients find relief from varicose veins and is giving them the confidence to love their legs again.

Mercy-Clinton is now one of the first hospitals in Eastern Iowa to treat patients with venous reflux disease using the VenaSeal closure system. VenaSeal is a new, minimally invasive procedure that uses an advanced medical adhesive to close the diseased vein in patients with symptomatic venous reflux disease.

Venous reflux disease affects more than 30 million people in the U.S. and over 190 million globally. It occurs when valves in the veins of the lower leg no longer function properly. This allows blood to flow backward, or reflux, resulting in varicose veins as well as other symptoms. Varicose veins are often misunderstood as a cosmetic problem and many people living with them do not seek treatment.

“Varicose veins may be a sign of a more serious condition known as chronic venous insufficiency, which in severe cases, can result in lifestyle-limiting lower leg pain, swelling, skin damage, and ulcerations,” said Dr. Maddox. “The VenaSeal closure system is a new and innovative treatment option that improves blood flow by closing the diseased vein. The system minimizes patient discomfort, reduces recovery time and diminishes the risk of additional post-operative side effects.”

Patients treated with the VenaSeal closure system often have minimal to no bruising, and can return quickly to normal activities. Unlike other heat-based treatments, VenaSeal does not require tumescent anesthesia (multiple injections of a dilute local anesthetic), and eliminates the risk of burning or nerve injury associated with thermal-based procedures.

Clinton-area residents interested in learning more about venous reflux disease and the VenaSeal closure system can visit To make an appointment, call 244-5900 and then press 5 for Dr. Maddox.