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CLINTON — The Victory Center Rescue Mission has added a new program, one designed to help its residents get back on their feet financially.

The center’s new faith-based work program puts to work those living at the shelter who agree to be placed in employment. The mission helps its residents find employment as jobs become available and then helps oversee the money they earn.

Pastor Lyle Wilkins, a spokesman for the mission, explained that when homeless men and women come to the mission and have been there for two weeks, they can decide whether to enter the work program. If they do, the mission will assist them in finding work. With the money they earn, they will tithe, be responsible for paying their housing fees and any personal bills that they have, and are compelled to save 50 percent of their income until nine months have passed. Failure to comply can result in expulsion from the program as does failure to work well with their employer.

The program is in its sixth month, with about a half dozen people working as a result of it, Wilkins said. He said the hope is that at the end of the program, the workers have saved enough money to become self-sufficient and rent an apartment and continue to work.

Those who enter the shelter who decide not to enroll can stay at the shelter for two additional weeks before they have to leave, he said.

The Victory Center Rescue Mission opened 33 years ago and assists the poor and homeless with shelter, food distribution and meals.

To learn more, call the shelter at 242-9016.