Where's Harold

Rae McConnell, her sister Vicki Proctor from Ottumwa and Herald met the Brad McConnell family in Washington, D.C. They toured the capital and the monuments and saw a ball game between the Nationals and the Dodgers. From there, they went to Mt. Vernon, Williamsburg and Virginia Beach. No, Herald did not see the president, but he did see Russ and Isabel McConnell of Ft. Belvoir, Virginia and stayed in their home with the rest of the McConnells for several days. Herald saw lots of history and had a lot of fun. From left are Vicki Proctor, Mark Snodgrass, Tyler Kremer, Joseph McConnell, Jacob McConnell, Melissa McConnell, Rae McConnell, Ann McConnell, Michelle Snodgrass, Russ McConnell, Isabel McConnell and Brad McConnell.