Sept. 1, 1939-Germans invade Poland.

Sept. 3-Britain and France declare war on Germany.


April 9, 1940-Nazis invade Norway and Denmark.

May 10-Hitler invades Lowlands. Churchill becomes British Prime Minister.

June 22-French sign armistice with Germany.

Aug. 8-German air force begins blitz of Britain.


June 22, 1941-Nazis invade Russia

Aug. 14-Roosevelt-Churchill sea conference drafts Atlantic Charter.

Dec. 7-Japanese attack Pearl Harbor.

Dec. 8-U.S. and Great Britain declare war on Japan.


Feb. 15, 1942-Singapore surrenders.

Apr. 18-Doolittle’s “Shangri-La” bombers raid Tokyo, Yokohama, and Nagoya.

May 6-Corregidor falls and organized Philippine campaign ends.

June 3-6-U.S. Navy routs enemy force in naval Battle of Midway.

Aug. 7-U.S. Marines land on Guadalcanal and Tulagi in first major Allied offensive of the Pacific.

Aug. 17-Nazis penetrate Stalingrad.

Sept. 25-Japanese turned back from Port Moresby.

Oct. 23-British break Axis line at el Alamein.

Nov. 8-Allies invade North Africa.

Nov. 13-15-Battle Guadalcanal gives U.S. decisive naval victory.


Jan. 18, 1943-Russians completely break siege of Stalingrad.

Feb. 9-U.S. forces completely occupy Guadalcanal.

May 12-Axis resistance ends in Tunisia.

Aug. 15-U.S. and Canadian forces invade Kiska to find Japanese have fled the island.

Sept. 3-Italy invaded.

Sept. 8-Italian surrender announced.

Nov. 21-Marines and soldiers land on Makin and Tarawa.


Feb. 10, 1944-Yanks and Aussies win Huon peninsula campaign, New Guinea.

June 4-Allies take Rome.

June 6-Anglo-American forces invade Normandy, France.

June 16-29 Superfortresses bomb Yawata, Japan, from China, in first land-based raid on Japanese home islands.

June 20-American carrier planes drive off enemy fleet in first Battle of the Philippine Sea.

July 9-Organized resistance ends on Saipan.

July 20-German generals fail in attempt to kill Hitler and seize control of the Reich.

Aug. 25-Paris liberated.

Oct. 20-MacArthur “comes back” as his forces storm ashore Philippines at Leyte.

Oct. 23-26-U.S. Third and Seventh Fleets and submarines sink 24 Japanese ships in second Battle of the Philippine Sea.


Jan. 9, 1945-Yanks land in Lingayen Gulf area of Luzon.

Jan. 17-Soviets capture Warsaw.

Mar. 24-Anglo-Americans drive over Rhine in force.

April 25-U.S., Soviet troops link at Torgau.

May 1-Nazis announce Hitler’s death.

May 2-Berlin falls.

May 7-Germany surrenders unconditionally.

June 21-Organized resistance ends on Okinawa, 325 miles from Japan.

July 5-MacArthur announces all Philippine islands won back.

Aug. 6-First atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan.

Aug. 8-Russia declares war against Japan.

Aug. 14-Japan announces it will surrender to the Allies.

Sept. 2-Japan surrenders unconditionally aboard U.S.S. Missouri in Tokyo Bay.