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The last few weeks showed us what a pretty tough winter looks like. You didn’t need to read a newspaper or check Facebook to learn that from me. Tough weather like this puts a strain on people and machines, and one of the machines strained the most lately were furnaces. Mine included. One of…


The last few weeks showed us what a pretty tough winter looks like. You didn’t need to read a newspaper or check Facebook to learn that from me. Tough weather like this puts a strain on people and machines, and one of the machines strained the most lately were furnaces. Mine included. One of…

This past Sunday was the Chinese New Year, and our very own Pangaea International Academy held an event celebrating the Year of the Pig.

THE CONVERSATION — There’s an old saying, “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.” In other words, before you give up, take matters into your own hands and try a little harder.

This week, I’ll share three letters from people who were no longer participating in their 401(k)s and thus regretted not being able to compete for the 401(k) Champion Award (

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce I will never again be able to serve in any publicly elected capacity. I do so by making a full confession of my past behavior that could come back to haunt me, and for which is now recognized as culturally and/or racially insensitive.

The Salvation Army is grateful to the Clinton area for all the support received during the Christmas fundraising efforts. This year we were able to raise over $109,000. We are very excited about the generosity in our community. This will go a long way to help us provide the services that we …

United Way of Clinton County, Iowa serves as a connection point and brings together individuals, businesses, industry, and nonprofit organizations to make positive changes in our community. We offer a cost-effective and efficient approach to supporting local human service efforts that make a…

The House Education Committee on Wednesday braved the cold weather to meet with the director of the Iowa Department of Education as well as the division heads to discuss how some of Iowa’s education initiatives are doing.

Now that Polar Vortex Jayden has moved on, we need our customers’ help. Postal carriers have suffered serious injuries related to slips, trips and falls due to icy and snow covered walkways and porch steps. Preventing a slip or bad fall can be as easy as putting down salt or sand on slippery…

The cold weather made the big heart of Clinton feel all the warmer in January. Between the outpouring of love and respect for our fire department and the crowded room at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebration, Clintonians and those visiting were reminded that we are a community that cele…

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A lot of things can happen in the next few months to change these early 2019 fantasy football rankings. Even with the regular season barely over, it's still worth it to start investigating who will offer some serious value heading into the 2019 fantasy football season. 

The fundamental offense of the Covington Catholic High School kids wasn’t so much allegedly mobbing, mocking or getting in the face of an American Indian drummer at the Lincoln Memorial.

It is difficult to discern what is on the mind of the markets amid wide intraday swings over the past month. A series of worries have accumulated that threatens what is becoming one of the longest and strongest bull markets in history. There is no shortage of possible candidates ranging from…

It was in December that Clinton Herald staff writer John Rohlf, after covering a meeting in Camanche, said the Camanche Fire Department was dealing with a struggle fought by many rural volunteer departments.

Half or a quarter of the way through this interesting experiment with an incessantly splenetic presidency, much of the nation has become accustomed to daily mortifications. Or has lost its capacity for embarrassment, which is even worse.

This Monday, legislators in Des Moines were sworn in, marking the beginning of the 88th General Assembly of the Iowa House of Representatives.

President Donald Trump met several times with Russian President Vladimir Putin while no other American was privy to the communication except for a State Department interpreter.

In 2014, President Barack Obama, proclaimed January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month to bring attention to the fact that human trafficking, or modern day slavery, still exists today. There are approximately 20 to 30 million slaves in the world today, generating hund…

President Trump evoked the Wounded Knee massacre in a recent tweet reacting to an Instagram video Sen. Elizabeth Warren posted on New Year’s Eve, the day after she announced she was forming an exploratory committee for a possible presidential run.

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Unlike the Wild Card round, the favorites owned the day in the divisional round. Three of the four games were covered by the favorites. This weekend should offer some more intrigue, with all these teams being evenly matched.

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Can underdogs rule the day again in the AFC? It didn't take much imagination to believe in underdogs in the Wild Card round in the AFC. Los Angeles and Indianapolis had just as good regular seasons or even better than their opponents last week.

What if a simple policy could save tens of thousands of people every year from a deeply unpleasant treatment followed by early death? A policy that would disproportionately help the most disadvantaged? While actually saving taxpayer money?

This is the major content of a letter written to Mayor Mike Ottens which he was asked to share with the Fulton City Council prior to their vote on whether or not to sell the Drives Building to the Historical Society. (The letter was delivered to Mayor Ottens following a meeting with him.)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s so-called Green New Deal makes the obligatory nod to the original New Deal, but FDR’s handiwork is much too modest an antecedent.

As a board member of United Way of Clinton County, Iowa, I have learned a lot about our community and the agencies that serve it. I’ve also learned a lot about UWCCI and discovered there are a lot of misconceptions of what it is and what it does. I’d like to share what I’ve learned.

A letter to the families, Fire and Police departments, the community and surrounding areas that came together to show their support during this tragedy:

Ours is an uneasy age. Social mores are changing so fast that people in their early 30s have started muttering about the "kids these days." Formerly safe corners of the economy are being swept bare, so that even people with good, steady jobs are anxious about how long they'll be able to keep…

It’s a wonder that Democrats haven’t staked out a negotiating position demanding the destruction of already-existing barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border.

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