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Here in the heart of the Midwest, we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by agriculture. Most people understand that their food is raised by Iowa farmers before it is processed and then placed on grocery store shelves to be purchased. What people may not be familiar with are the steps that…

The midterms suggest that President Donald Trump needs to double down on populism, just not the sort that’s been his signature to this point.

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This month, following an election season that intensified discord even among family and friends, my colleagues and I in the Clinton Ministerial Association watch and work for signs of hope, reconciliation, and gratitude – in the community we cherish and in the wider world.

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It appears journalists are headed for a defining moment with President Donald Trump over the right of the press to ask him tough questions in a manner the president considers rude and hostile.

In the overtime of the 2018 elections, the left can’t decide whether it opposes casting doubt on election results or insists on it.


Midterm losses typically humble a sitting president of the United States, but Donald Trump is beyond humbling.


The midterm elections are finally over, and we can finally get on to ... no, not Thanksgiving and Christmas. We can get on to what we’ve all been waiting for — the 2020 presidential election campaign!

I have a suggestion for letters to the editor for November. Perhaps we can write letters of what we are thankful for in our city.

On Veterans Day, Americans drape the Stars and Stripes around their neighborhoods, businesses promote U.S. flags alongside their holiday discounts, and public officials display them on government buildings.

United Way of Clinton County, Iowa recently held its Fork Some Pork fundraiser at the Clysar Pavilion. Nearly 1,000 delivery orders were placed for the fundraiser, in addition to the over 100 tickets that were sold at the door. A net profit of approximately $7,500 was made, all of which will…

It’s appropriate that the U.N. special rapporteur devoted to adequate housing has visited encampments in Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Mumbai – and San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley.

We only really have one question for you as you read today’s editorial:

As the Clinton Herald Editorial Board was setting up candidate interviews in preparation for our endorsements, there was one candidate we interviewed who did not have an opponent.


If a “blue wave” – which history, polls, Democratic fervor and piles of money tell us should sweep the land in Tuesday’s mid-term elections – turns into no more than a ripple, it’s likely that Democratic leaders, and their many media enablers, will have only themselves to blame.

All of a sudden, we’re all originalists and believers in the sagacity and inviolate handiwork of long-ago white males.

There is still time to vote early! You can vote at the County Auditor’s office in the Administration Building, 1900 N. Third St., today and Monday. Yes, for your convenience the Auditor’s office will be open today, Nov. 3!

Today’s editorial detailing the race for Clinton County Treasurer marks the fourth and final endorsement that the Clinton Herald Editorial Board is making prior to Tuesday’s General Election.

As a fourth-generation Clintonian, I would like to give a ringing endorsement on behalf of Chris Cournoyer for the Iowa State Senate. I have seen firsthand how hard she has worked for the schools because she is the president of the school board where my daughter's children attend. Chris is n…

“Eric” (not his real name) gets up at 5 a.m., walks an hour to get to his job early, works his shift and then walks home. “Eric” is homeless and works 40 hours a week and does not make enough to pay for food, medicine and housing. He is not alone: Nationwide, there are an estimated 553,742 p…

Today marks our third day of endorsing candidates leading up to Tuesday’s General Election, with today’s focus on the Senate District 49 seat currently held by State Sen. Rita Hart.

Illinois State Sen. Neil Anderson and State Rep. Tony McCombie have been excellent voices for the 36th Senate District and the 71st Representative District since 2014 and 2016, respectively.

Veterans Day is Nov. 11. From military cemeteries in France, the Pacific and United States, our freedoms have a cost of young lives. When you see a veteran, thank them for what they have done for our freedom and lives.

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