Back in 1965, only a couple of years after the term “baby boomer” caught on as a label for the generation born in the wake of World War II, one 17-year-old high school newspaper columnist tried to explain his generation to his skeptical elders:

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My name is Highland Nichols I have been active in Clinton County and Iowa Democratic politics for many years.

If you’ve ever driven on an open, country road in the fall during nighttime hours, you know now is the time of year when drivers have to be more alert for deer that hop over fences, bound through ditches and run across roads.

It’s that time of year — making Thanksgiving plans, shopping for friends and relatives and getting parties on the schedule.

Jews have been awarded 40% of the Nobel Prizes in economics, 30% of those in medicine, 25% in physics, 20% in chemistry, 15% in literature and 10% of the Nobel Peace Prizes.


If you live in non-metro or rural America, you’ve been left behind by the economic boom cycle that came after the Great Recession. You also endured a more severe recession than people who live in bigger cities.

The Clinton Franciscans recognize the inherent sacredness and dignity of all. Every person has a right to an adequate income, safe and affordable housing, food security, affordable health care, and quality education.

Yogi Berra once famously gave this puzzling advice to a college graduating class, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” The quip became lore, along with other Yogi-isms attributed to the legendary baseball player.

At a May 2016 campaign rally in Charleston, West Virginia, Donald Trump, the presumed GOP nominee for president, told the faithful: “If I win, we’re going to bring those miners back. You’re going to be so proud of your president. For those miners, get ready, because you’re going to be workin…

On Oct 10 you did a write-up on Midwest Pets For Life TNR program and referenced the Clinton Humane society in it. The three-year contract the city signed with CHS has nothing to do with that program or Midwest Pets For Life!! In fact, CHS is turning away animals from their shelter and refer…

DEAR READERS: I am printing these two letters together to remind anyone who is in an abusive relationship to leave as soon as possible. Take yourself, your children and pets with you. There are many resources available for you.

DEAR DR. ROACH: I am 60 years old and generally healthy, but my vitamin D is low (below 20). I took 50,000 IU of vitamin D2 for six weeks, then 2,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily for the past two years. Recently, I started magnesium glycinate, because I read in a journal that it helps D3 get absor…

Here’s a parlor trick: How many people can you name who were in favor of impeaching William J. Clinton and also favor impeaching Donald J. Trump? Or flip it: How many opposed Clinton’s impeachment at the time and now also oppose Trump’s?

DEAR ANNIE: My husband and I went to dinner with his sister and her husband, who live in another state. We are all in our 70s. We have never been “family” close. We have children and grandchildren; they do not. We have pets; they do not. We run in different social circles. They are wealthy; …

Services such as Stitch Fix and Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe have put try-before-you-buy shopping on the map. The concept is simple: Shoppers get apparel, accessories or other goods delivered to try, which they can either send back or purchase.

Gun control did not become politically acceptable until the Gun Control Act of 1968 signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson. The law’s primary focus was to regulate commerce in firearms by prohibiting interstate firearms transfers except among licensed manufacturers, dealers and impor…

Republicans have had trouble mounting an effective defense on Ukraine because they haven’t put down their stakes on the most defensible ground.


The season for trick or treating is here. Your thoughts turn to ghosts and goblins and scaring and being scared. In keeping with the season, maybe it is time to think about taxes, always scary enough.

DEAR ANNIE: Both my wife and I are in our 80s, and we like to take walks together. Recently, we’ve noticed a safety issue that concerns us. As young children, we were always taught to walk facing traffic (i.e., the left side of the road). Older people, like us, seem to have learned this less…

Back in May, during a night out with friends, an interesting invitation surfaced.”Char!! I’m going to the Villisca Ax Murder house next month. You have to come with me,” said Cathleen, one of my best friends who knows me oh-so-well.

DEAR DR. ROACH: I am an 85-year-old woman in very good health. I have had a mammogram done every year for the past 45 years, each scan being excellent, with no problems. I have stipulated in my living will that I do not want chemotherapy or radiation treatments should any kind of cancer deve…

Have you been at a Democratic caucus and wondered what was going on and why did it take so long to get registered and then wait for the action to begin?

The City of Clinton needs younger folks to step forward and become involved in city government. While I appreciate the fact that we have had someone new toss his hat in the ring for mayor of Clinton, I do not believe that jumping into the deep end of the pool before learning to swim is a good idea.

DEAR DR. ROACH: I am hoping you can clarify a lot of conflicting information regarding shingles. I know it is contagious, but can you actually catch shingles from a person? If you never had chickenpox or the vaccine, would you catch shingles or chickenpox?

DEAR ANNIE: I was the one who set off a whole flurry of responses because I wrote that I hated being old, hated the wrinkles and hated the condescension and obligatory solicitousness that people showed to old people just because they were old. I said I hated looking old because I think some …

California is staying true to its reputation as the land of innovation — it is making blackouts, heretofore the signature of impoverished and war-torn lands, a routine feature of 21st-century American life.

From military cemeteries in France, the Pacific and United States, our freedoms have a cost of young lives. When you see a veteran, being from the “greatest generation” to veterans from the new generation, say thank you to them for what they have done for our freedom and lives. Even the pres…

DEAR DR. ROACH: Can you please speak about the BCG vaccine? My daughter was born in Bolivia and received it as an infant. Now she always tests positive for tuberculosis, and people in the medical field never seem to know or understand when we explain about the vaccine. It’s such a hassle to …

DEAR ANNIE: I’d like to hear from people who were children of a mother with Contamination OCD. My daughter’s therapist determined it is a pretty severe case, but my daughter refuses to go to the recommended hospital program. Instead, she sees the therapist once a week, which is basically a w…

During the last impeachment, the Latin expression coitus interruptus got a workout. This time, it’s quid pro quo. Republicans lashed themselves to this mast when the White House’s own rough transcript of the Donald Trump/ Volodymyr Zelensky call was disclosed. That document, so damaging that…

DEAR ANNIE: I read your column in the local paper, and I’ve notice that folks always write in to say that they are older and alone or in a new town — “How do I make friends,” etc. So, I wonder if there are other people out there like my brother and me.

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Roger A. Oderwald, 63, of Clinton, died Sunday at MercyOne, Clinton. The Clinton Chapel Snell-Zornig Funeral Home & Crematory is assisting the family with arrangements.

Peter J. Lassen 72 of Clinton, passed away Sunday, November 10, 2019 at Mercy One Medical Center. Further arrangements are pending at Pape Funeral Home.