Every other week, the Clinton Herald publishes a column by Randy Meier, who is the director of Seniors vs. Crime and works to educate senior citizens, and the general public, about scams that have surfaced in the area.

These include everything from people driving up to a house and offering to do home repair or driveway work for quick payment and then doing subpar work for a high price or taking money and not returning, to online romance schemes in which someone is drawn in by a smooth talker only to send a boatload of money in the name of love, which in fact was not love but a ploy to empty their bank account.

Now there’s another scam that is trying to reel in money. It also involves a telephone call from a robocaller indicating there is a problem with your social security card – something they describe as “suspicious activity.”

We have seen this ploy described on social media a lot lately. It also made its way this week to one of our Clinton Herald employees.

The bottom line is, if you get a call like this, hang up. Don’t say anything. Just hang up.

Any time you get a call such as this, be it about social security, Medicare or from the IRS, especially one in which they threaten to have you arrested, hang up. Those agencies won’t call you, but people who want you to think they are with those organizations will in an attempt to get your private information.

You’re not being rude. You’re taking care of yourself and preventing a lot of grief that you would have to deal with later if the caller started using the private information they are hoping to obtain from you.

We want our readers to be aware that these scammers are getting more refined in their techniques and prey on older people, often intimidating them to get what they want. If you get such a call report it to Randy Meier by calling 242-9211, Ext. 4433, which will ring into his office at the sheriff’s department. By sharing information, we all get smarter.

And remember to stay safe, just hang up.