David Helscher

David Helscher

’Twas a fright before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a microphone in sight to which to espouse

To Rant or to rage, to anyone who cares

To improve reelection chances and splitting of hairs.

The President was nestled and snug in his bed,

Sending out tweets, where others dare not tread.

The Senate secure and safe in his lap

No concerns for impeachment and all of that crap.

The economy and market continue to grow,

Resuming a pace, after starting out slow.

The Fed raising rates? No, changing their mind,

Things will be different, at least, it seems, this time.

The yield curve had inverted

Central banks have been converted.

Inflation moves lower and slower growth is the call,

With negative real returns as interest rates fall

Fears of recession have started to recede

Sentiment and spending have done much to impede.

The tax cut sugar rush has all but abated

With a rush for yield in bonds that are lowly rated.

Now Joe! Now Elizabeth!

Now, Bernie and Pete!

Now Kamala! Now Cory!

Now Amy, Tulsi and Andrew!

Did I get every member of the herd?

Oops, almost left out Michael Bloomberg

Just seems too many, to even recall

Now vote away! Vote away! Vote away all!

The U.K. struggles with the latest version of Brexit

Boris favors a hard exit, sounded like he meant it.

For separatists in Ulster and Caledonia,

So long, been glad to know ‘ya.

LumberKings fans face a different sort of exit

MLB wants changes, but the minors have to fix it.

It’s the first inning of talks, let’s hope compromise

Before a bench clearing brawl should materialize.

Spring came late, winter came early

To salvage a crop, farmers must scurry.

Tit-for-tat tariffs, market disruptions,

At least at tax time, you’ll have a deduction.

Skinny deals or phase one starts

Ag import for lower tariffs, in part.

This for that, a quid pro quo,

Not pro bono. Next question cui bono?

Two schools separated in space

One-point difference for the Cy-Hawk race.

Roundball to come, outcome unknown,

Then to the mats, talent home grown.

A shutdown avoided again, for now

No wall or USMCA, tough rows to plow.

Infrastructure on hold, deficits too high

A grinch is at work as another year goes by.

Notice I made no mention of Ukraine

Finding a rhyme is too great a strain.

No allusion to collusion

North Korea retreats to seclusion.

Events of the past year rated, a difficult task

Exactly what happened? A question many still ask.

It is amazing how fast the year has gone by,

Like reindeer through the night, time just seemed to fly.

Say goodbye to 2019, give it a cheer.

Despite everything, glad you were here.

But not just yet, the end is in sight,

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

David Helscher is a senior vice president and trust officer with Clinton National Bank.