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Following the unprecedented derecho storm on Aug. 10, power is now available to all Alliant Energy customers in Iowa. Throughout the restoration process, Alliant Energy received support from customers, communities and leaders from all levels – local, state and federal. The company also received assistance from crews across the country and Canada, suppliers, vendors and Travero.

We truly appreciate the support and assistance we received during this entire restoration process. We appreciate our customers for being so patient and understanding. We know how difficult it is to not have power and are thankful to so many who provided assistance during our restoration efforts. This was a herculean effort where everyone truly showed care for others, one of our foundational values.

Alliant Energy crews were joined by crews from across the country and Canada, along with the Iowa National Guard, to form a team of over 2,000 people during the restoration process. In addition, several hundred workers focused solely on tree trimming and brush removal.

The outpouring of support from customers to our crews was simply amazing. During this challenging time, our customers were incredibly kind and gracious. The cold drinks, food, thank you cards, messages on social media and signs along the road truly helped our crews more than you can imagine.

While all customers have power available, due to the extent of damage to their home or business, some customers are not able to have their power connected at this time. For customers in this situation, with damage to their exterior electrical system, including the meter box, service mast and weatherhead, an electrician must make repairs first. After repairs have been made, customers should contact Alliant Energy by filling out the online form or by calling 1-800-ALLIANT (1-800-255-4268).

We have technicians and field service employees on standby, and, as soon as we’re notified repairs have been made, we’ll dispatch them to connect power. We are committed to serving our customers and restoring their power as quickly as possible.

To help customers who cannot afford the repairs, Alliant Energy recently announced Project ReConnect. It is a new program that assists low-income customers who need help paying for these repairs. More information is available at alliantenergy.com/projectreconnect.

We will continue to support the communities we serve as they rebuild. As the lights get turned back on, we are committed to keeping them on and continuing to provide safe and reliable service that our customers and the communities we serve can count on.

Terry Kouba, Alliant Energy senior vice president and Iowa Utility Company president