If you bet against quarterbacks for Super Bowl MVP, then you're going to have to get lucky.

Since 2010, seven quarterbacks have won Super Bowl MVP, with Tom Brady winning two of those awards. So it's not a shocker that Brady and Jared Goff are the favorites to win the Super Bowl 53 MVP award.

Brady is going off at +110, while Goff is at +225.

Those don't produce a ton of value, especially since if the Patriots win, then it's hard to imagine Brady not winning the MVP. When the Patriots have won the Super Bowl, Deion Branch is the only other New England player to win the Super Bowl MVP.

That's why Brady and Goff are the heavy favorites, with the next-best option being Todd Gurley at +1300.

Picking the Super Bowl MVP requires more than who you believe will actually play well. You have to pick the winner, too. So if you believe the Patriots will win, it's tough to justify anyone other than Brady.

Brady will get the most attempts at playing well and he has enough name recognition that he will be difficult to usurp as the MVP. Sony Michel could have a major impact on the Patriots winning, but it would be difficult to see Michel actually winning the award over Brady.

The more intrigue comes with the Rams. Goff doesn't have the big-name resume to be considered that much of a favorite. Sure, he's a quarterback, so that gives him an edge, but it's not completely foreign to see players other than a quarterback win the award. So who would get my pick for the Rams?

Aaron Donald is going off at +2000 and should get some attention. Only two players not playing quarterback have won the Super Bowl MVP award since 2010. Both of those players were on the defense.

Donald has the ability to make a major impact, with sacks and possibly timely forced fumbles.

If you're looking beyond the Patriots, think about Donald as a possible MVP.

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