Be grateful today

Happy Thanksgiving – the day to be grateful for all that we have while celebrating with family and friends.

While it is a day to look forward to, it also can bring with it a certain amount of stress.

Is the turkey going to be done on time?

Who can run to the store to pick up the cream of mushroom soup? I forgot it. No, I can't go... I have to vacuum the living room.

In a day of rushing around the house or getting to the next get-together, we hope you all get to take some time to slow down and reflect on the blessings around us.

Those blessings come in so many forms – not just the big things.

Oh, there are those: Enough food, a warm house, good health and a couple bucks in your pocket.

But there also are little things, which really are the bigger things: Having all the family at the same table for one day, for example. Or sharing a meal with a friend or neighbor or maybe getting a full-on chance to put your feet up and truly relax.

When we at the Herald reflect on what we are thankful for, it comes down to you – our readers and advertisers – who support what we do each day, whether it's by investing in our product to keep up with our community, or partnering with us to get the word out about what your business offers or the local event you are hosting.

Your decision to support the Clinton Herald means the world to us.

You are the reason we are here.

And for that, we are thankful.