Think about giving to the United Way

Christmas is coming upon us quickly. It’s seen as the season of parties, benevolence, and giving to family, friends and those in need.

I suppose it’s the end of the year benefit review to take advantage of health care maximums and tax advantages that got the tradition started. Or perhaps it’s that it’s cold out and it’s obvious that there are those in need.

There are plenty of charities that will ask for your hard-earned dollars. I’d like you to think about giving to the United Way of Clinton County, Iowa, if you haven’t given yet this year.

I hope you’ve heard about how much good we can do with a gift of any size. If not, I, or our local board members, campaign volunteers or staff will be glad to chat with you. When we combine small gifts with many others, we make a big impact in our communities.

We’ve heard from several people that have been helped this year: Lindsey, who escaped an abusive relationship; Nate, who is determined to beat the cycle of addiction that has left him without a normal adult life; Ashley, who has reached 100 days of sobriety for the first time since she stated using drugs.

I also don’t want to forget Regan, who has found friendships and the courage to make good choices through Boy Scouts; Jodi, who made a lifelong friendship and became family with her young Mentee who now goes to college.

Your contribution stays local to help friends, family and co-workers. It’s easy to accept internet or Facebook stories that say the money goes to fund lavish benefits at the national organization. But, you know what? It does not. It STAYS in Camanche, Clinton, DeWitt and the surrounding area to help that person who lives in their car or on someone’s couch, or works two jobs but just doesn’t have the money to get their car repaired so they can stay working and pay their bills. It’s a HAND UP not a hand out.

It’s easy to grumble about not having what we’d like, but many of us have much for which to be thankful. Let’s reach into our pockets in the next few weeks and make sure United Way funded agencies, like YWCA, Scouts, Associate Benevolent Society, Salvation Army and others, have enough to keep helping those in need in our communities.

Do it because it needs to be done, as well as taking advantage of year-end giving and tax benefits. It doesn’t need to be much, but give a little more than last year. Help one more person for one more time this coming year.

Your gift will do much good in 2020.

Best wishes to you and yours in this holiday season.

Cheryl McCulloh, Executive Director, United Way of Clinton County, Iowa

We must have Medicare for all

We will have Medicare for all and more abundantly.

We must have Medicare for all. It will cover everyone. With no deductibles and covers healthcare and dental and vision. How?

Our healthcare compared to the rest of the world is twice as high. With that high cost we should be rated number one right? However, we are rated at 18th in the world.

We have the highest cost in the world, yet 44 million Americans have no healthcare and another 38 million have inadequate healthcare.

America spends $3.5 trillion a year on healthcare. Our country can decide to make our healthcare system cost $1.75 trillion. What could we do with this extra money? We could build affordable housing using a lot of the lumber that burns in California every year. We could build up to 130,000 electric cars every year, cars that don’t pollute.

Our next President of the United States should tell us what they will do with the extra money.

Finally, it has been said you can keep your own insurance. The problem with that is, yours might be good, however, 82 million have inadequate insurance. Medicare for all will give the best insurance to everybody. Get your employers to change this benefit, which would add to your pension.


Robert L. Davis, Davenport