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Tom Determann is just finishing up his first four years as your Clinton County Supervisor and should be re-elected for four more years.

Tom knows an enormous number of people in Clinton County. He is approachable, friendly, a good listener and he doesn’t mind giving out his cell phone number so that residents can contact him regarding their concerns and ideas.

He is one of those people who eats, sleeps and thinks about how to advance our county and Eastern Iowa all the time. Tom’s knowledge of government comes from his perspective as a businessman, three years as a city councilman and today a county Supervisor.

He knows where public sector money comes from: Jobs. He works tireless to seek all levels of jobs for everyone. As past president of the Chamber and the Clinton Regional Development Corporation, he understands how to attract business and most importantly more jobs. This is a very good reason for re-electing Tom as a Supervisor on Nov. 3.

He is a positive force for bringing new jobs to Clinton County. Tom’s pledge is no new taxes. He understands the need for taxes to maintain county government but he will spend the money very wisely. This frugality is obvious by his record on the Clinton City Council and his past four years as Supervisor.

Always, everyone is aware of his pledge and when issues come before the Supervisors this type of attitude is extremely important for the wise use of taxpayer dollars. He is not a tax-and-spend person. This attitude has definitely saved money for the citizens of Clinton County.

In regard to Highway 30, I think Tom was born with a tattoo that says, “Four Lane Highway 30”. He has tirelessly worked on transportation. This commitment has brought over $100 million to eastern Iowa and western Illinois. Every month he goes to the Iowa DOT commission meeting. He works well with all of the commissioners. Tom has a working relationship with all of the state legislators and the Governor. He also is one of the few in the state who has traveled to Washington, D.C., 20 times. Tom keeps this county in front of our federal legislators.

Tom Determann is a life-long asset to all of us in Clinton County and electing him as a County Supervisor on Nov. 3 is a positive move for our future.

David A. Rose,


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