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Over a century ago, as the lumber mills were being removed from Clinton's riverfront, it was a stroke of genius that the construction of Riverfront Park started.

Today, Riverview Park, together with Eagle Point Park, are the two most important attributes Clinton offers to people who might choose to live or work here.

The possibility that the two baseball fields just north of NelsonCorp Field will be delivered to Merge LLC is directly in contradiction to the vision that the land between the tracks and the river be devoted to park and recreation use.

I don't know anyone who would approve of this move and hope it does not see see the light of day at any level. The main issue of the day is demolishing many abandoned houses in town.

In any case there are many 4-acre parcels in town where this developer can build his units without destroying any part of these two parks.

I call on the City Council to reject any form of this proposal. Parkland is not free. It seems like all too often when someone has an idea of building something, they want to build it in a park because parkland is "free". Really? In fact, that parkland is the most valuable asset of Clinton and should be protected.

Michael J. Kearney,