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A very important gathering is set for Dec. 7, when the Iowa Utilities Board will host a public information meeting at noon at the Wild Rose Convention Center & Ballroom, 777 Wild Rose Drive.

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Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt ought to heed the state Pardon and Parole board and spare the life of 41-year-old Julius Jones, scheduled to die Nov. 18.

If you’ve ever driven on an open, country road in the fall during nighttime hours, you know now is the time of year when drivers have to be more alert for deer that hop over fences, bound through ditches and run across roads.

Federal aviation officials say more airline passengers than ever are showing up at airports with guns. Combined with the general uptick in belligerent behavior by passengers, this is an issue with the potential for real mayhem. Those who get weapons confiscated at security already face penal…

Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial writer Jeff Gerritt, editor of The Herald in Sharon and the New Castle News, both in Pennsylvania, has written the editorial below criticizing Kimberly Doss, mayor of the city of Farrell, Pennsylvania, for saying she will put on the agenda for the next city c…

When watching television during the days leading up to Saturday’s 20-year anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, one can’t help but be overwhelmed by the many different angles on which this day of remembrance has focused.

Every July 4 since 2012, a group of volunteers has worked hard to put together a free Fourth of July Festival in the city of Clinton.

Where we are born, how much time we are on this earth, and the circumstances in which we leave it all vary, but in the end it is a journey every one of us must make.

The Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to promote local businesses and quality of life and to get out the word that Clinton, Camanche and Fulton, Illinois are the preeminent destinations to live, stay, work and play.

We ended the 2021 legislative session a few weeks behind schedule, but I am proud of what we accomplished. Throughout the year, we heard from Iowans who want to keep more of the money that they earn, business owners looking for workers and parents who wanted their kids back in the classroom …

The next time you’re walking into a restaurant or grocery store, or pretty much any business, pause to look at the door. Near the sign about wearing a face mask, you’ll probably see a “help wanted” sign.

With spring planting underway, a drive along country roads underscores the importance of the season as farmers begin getting their crops into the ground.

Fifty-six years ago tomorrow, the city of Clinton saw a crest on the Mississippi River that it never had before — 24.85 feet, almost 9 feet above flood stage.

Every year as Hollywood gets ready for the Academy Awards, actors, writers, lyricists, and all the artists and technicians behind the scenes wait to hear their names announced, hoping they will be the ones to take an Oscar home.

It’s a large, hulking structure that sits on the corner of Sixth Avenue South and Second Street in downtown Clinton.

With overwhelming approval from residents in the Eastern Iowa Community College district – and after years of planning and coordinated effort on the part of local school districts – the dream of a regional career and tech center is coming true.


When driving around the city of Clinton at night, you can spot them – a red porch light outside of a home, glowing in the darkness, or a yard light that throws a red hue into the night sky.


As a way of greeting, hugs spread a warmth that goes beyond words. And in a year of social distancing, one of the things we hear most often is how people miss hugging their loved ones.

One of the words we’ve used far too often on this page in 2020 is “unfair.” Life is unfair. But we’re still empathetic with plenty of the unique messes people are dealing with.


The Clinton Herald for the past several years has coordinated the annual Great Food Drive, which gets food items and cash donations to area food pantries and is capped off with a large community dinner in collaboration with the Victory Center.


What are you doing today? Our guess is you are filling out your Thanksgiving Day menu, picking up last-minute groceries and starting your kitchen preparations.

Nine days from now, we will be celebrating what no doubt will be a Thanksgiving to remember.

We used this space Tuesday and then Thursday to detail the Iowa House races between Mary Wolfe and Joma Short, and Norlin Mommsen and Ryan Zeskey for Districts 98 and 97, respectively.

Today’s editorial – the first of five that will take a look at local candidates running for election on the Nov. 3 ballot – examines the race between District 98 State Rep. Mary Wolfe, D-Clinton, and her challenger Joma Short, a Republican from Clinton.


On the front of today’s Clinton Herald, we are featuring an installment of our “Pulse of the Voters” project, a combined effort of newspapers throughout CNHI, our parent company.

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, it’s the perfect time to load up the family and take a road trip to see fall in all its splendor.

President Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court is a highlight of his Presidency and perhaps a hinge moment for the judiciary. Judge Barrett’s record and intellect suggest she can join Mr. Trump’s other appointees in reviving core constitutional principles in American…

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