Allow fireworks, but lower boom on offenders

The Iowa Legislature’s decision last year to allow firework sales in Iowa ignited a host of problems.

From cities left wondering when, or even whether, to allow them to be used to residents left confused about when, or even if, to use them, the fallout sent cities scrambling to figure out their rules and getting the word out.

In Clinton, it’s easy. They can be sold here. They cannot be used here.

While neighboring Camanche has those same rules, that city now is considering opening a window of time in which residents could legally shoot them off on this July 4 holiday. The Camanche City Council has had a first reading of an ordinance allowing the change; however, more work has to be done before it becomes the city’s new rule.

Clinton’s city officials have said they will not reopen the discussion this year, meaning their use still is banned — although one wouldn’t know it based on their continued illegal use. But what we do know is there’s a good chance the city of Clinton will re-evaluate its stance prior to the summer of 2019.

We agree with that. Take a look at setting up a time when it is legal to use the fireworks. This would give those itching to flick their Bic the opportunity to celebrate the holiday with large sparks and plumes of smoke. It also would give the elderly, those who have pets and anyone suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder, such as veterans, a heads up.

With that, we hope the fireworks shot off would be contained to the approved time period. Residents who can’t, should be fined.

It’s that simple.