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A recent letter to the editor published in the Clinton Herald supporting Tom Determann noted “Many times Clinton County residents will find Tom casting the lone vote against issues that he believes will inordinately raise taxes or will not be an effective use of tax dollars... ” All three Supervisors are Republicans and presumably share the philosophy of careful fiscal policy resulting in a balanced budget. If the other two support a spending issue, are they not acting in the best interests of the county and making effective use of our tax dollars?

County leaders must adopt policies to stabilize our population, grow our tax base, and make this a desirable place to live and work. There are times when using tax dollars to accomplish these goals makes sense. For example, a healthy majority of voters in both the Clinton and Camanche school districts recently voted to incur debt to improve their school facilities. Eighty-two percent of voters in DeWitt passed a bond issue to expand their library.

Granted, these were not countywide tax supported projects, but the point is this: Our Supervisor must have the vision to approve some spending if necessary, to advance the best interests of the county and meet the needs of its residents.

Mike Brown has that vision. He is a proven and tested leader who has earned the respect and admiration of those who know him. He is intelligent, has integrity, a strong work ethic, and common sense. During his campaign, he has shown a passion for public service. Mike will listen to all our voices and always do what is in the best interests of the county.

Elect Mike Brown to the Clinton County Board of Supervisors.

David Sivright Jr., Clinton

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